Ethyl Crotonate

Yen more faint glanced at him, "That's just, I have something for you to do." Lu Ling Xi nodded his head, rubbed bamboo house, curious to ask: "?? Queenan there really a lot like bamboo house you live in it will not collapse." Wang Shuxiu listening just like listening to stories, picked up a broken flower sell a hundred thousand? "You put your mother try to fool me coax ah?"

"I ask ......" That evening, the same color as well as insomnia. Kang Ye realize what to say, the more color paused, silent confirmed his words. Project team spread to the surrounding, inner row on kilometers, all underground several people thick roots, like a dragon lying in the strip dark brown soil, deep-rooted endless. Ranging from Yanshi Hui figure out a way, this news has been spread out. Suddenly the whole Fengcheng shock, countless crowds coming, the group sent the fastest protection to the scene, started further investigation. As Yanshi Hui project, who would care about it? Wang Shuxiu stuck his head out from the kitchen, immediately forget Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu focus on the body. As usual attitude and Yan Wang Shuxiu the greeting, he was greatly relieved. Fortunately, my mother no doubt, he would have done all the way Wangshu Xiu Yan storm hit the heart prepared. See Xiao Feng pick vegetables, two fly line and the sleeves also help the cub to be pulled, and my heart Zhi Ma two fly a wooden club. Squinting his eyes, quietly gained an excuse to pull out also easy route. Portrait of a row last time sitting in a small restaurant crowded doorstep. Wang Shuxiu here to see the landing Ling Xi, etc., could not help but laugh, swept away the hearts of grievances, it seems blame deemed intimacy scolded: "Little bastard, you just do not fight very much to know that holding the devil,? all mean that you are not on. " Wang Chaoliang stood beside him, slightly with emotion, said:?. "Konishi you know the majority of the Earth's plants and animals which inhabit the tropical rain forest, rainforest can be said that most of life on Earth stronghold but now everywhere is deforestation, rainforest on Earth getting smaller and smaller in the long run really ...... " Is known as a serious money old man looked, shook his head, "do not see, unlike a hybrid, more like mutation. Wing - you also get these, hybridization can there be so easy."

He and Lu Ling Xi on the evolution of animal and human issues discussed, the present situation Ikunori "evolution" examples seem to form a communication between humans and animals. But this exchange is one to one, they are not sure will have many cases appear. "Keep up." Lu Ling Xi and Fang Lei unison. Yan looked more Dongzhi crossed the road to go across the gardening store, and soon it was followed Dongzhi gardening shop came out. Too much rain, Yan unclear see of each other's appearance, but judge each other's stature does not seem old. As the two men crossed the street, come look Yen fell more eyes. Yan the accident and other unexpected Young, may not even underage. Yan came back the whole Yen only sporadic flashing lights, most Zhaizi are shrouded in deep darkness. Compare Yen family leaves home not far from the brightly lit, full of sentiment, Yen looks like a ghost house. "I'll be back soon, the big black obediently stay in the store, to be obedient." Through the window, looked outside Lu Ling Xi Kang and leaves positive talk Yen more, some a little confused mind. I do not know what to say, the expression of some cold Yan, Weicu brow reveals a hint of disgust. He rarely saw the face like this, only the last time in the car to hear the call Yan, the other side seems to mention the color of the brother, the more it reveals the face of such real disgust. Do Yekang Gang Gang Yan also mentioned the brother? The other party has done anything to provoke Yan Yuesheng gas yet? . "Yes". "No problem," Andrzej straightforward way, he looked toward the outside a low voice: "You said last time, sister thing, the boss did not catch up in the end?" Yan the hook the hook mouth did not speak, looked through the window and looked down finishing is potted Lu Ling Xi, eyes flashed a gentle touch. A crowd: "......" Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong privately depressed and did not know, all his focus was on the evolution of begonia breeding.

Ling Xi Lu Chunlan Imagine staring at a lot of good prospects, he turned around and saw a large black smile touched its head, "Black to be optimistic about this strain Chunlan, after your chicken depends on it."

Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong was childish, then chuckled, quipped: "?. A large black do not eat there gave big black" Cub: "......"Ethyl Crotonate Yanyue Song breath, some casual look to the window, and suddenly his eyes changed, his eyes fell on the opposite side of condensing a car. It was before the car accident occurred at the corner of the car. People on the driver's seat is not seen him for some time Ya Yin, while the co-pilot is actually surprising Laris security. Concerning the white panel, the color can not say anything and leaves Kang, only vaguely said:. "Fengcheng sea, warm days this year, probably influenced by it."

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