Retinoic acid Tretinoin

The other end of the village, Xu Father opened the cages hanging from a tree, on the inside of a starling saying: "Go, you have to fly high and see far, helped look for small stones that Wazi, right?" After getting Ling Xi Lu, want to see the spirit of the river water grass bitter evolutionary situation. Yan has more messages to return, Lu Ling Xi no bother him that he took out a large black door. Now less than seven, the sky darkens. Most of the villagers in the village are also just got up. Loud, barking dogs, crowing sound, the whole village seemed to break out from the night of quiet, a little bit of come alive, with vigor and hope. "The." Wang Shuxiu while carrying things off, while pointing to Lu Ling Xi Road.

Again woke up after two days, Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi became. Up more strange remark, but the truth is more bizarre than this sentence. "Little West you stay in the car." The more Yan told: "I'll see how it?" Black seems to listen to understand his words, short cry. "Oh, good, Mom." Lu Ling Xi behaved Road. Although the Yen said, not stupid Ling Xi Lu, Yan know more angles and curved want to help themselves. He had some heart up, the opportunity really good. He asked to borrow money so that the more he is Zhang Yan mouth can not, but if two people cooperate, he will work hard to make money for the Yen. He looked hesitant Yan Yue, Yan the same Shining eyes looked at him. Fang Lei shook his head, "is not a case of something. Do you remember the last time small stones accident, there are a few stray dogs to help find a small stone, right?" Came the thought, the more shocked to find that he actually really Yan toward teenagers took a step in the direction. Hui Guoshen moment, the Yen eyes flashed a hint of embarrassment, quietly returned to the place. . "Know," Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang cling to the neck, squeezed in beside him casually: "If there is anything to the money another way fast enough." "A more, are you listening to me?"

He was such a hesitation, the Yen has seen what he meant, "or go to the flower garden will sit, just Kang Ye also, Zheng Zhuren just ask how to progress the production line."

The more leaves too lazy to Dali Yan Kang, direct throw him a bottle of water, interrupted his performance, casually leaning against the car and asked: "? Well, is not Sulang tell you." I heard a big black Dongge particularly like after eating tomatoes, once warned Lu Ling Xi, like a big black dog that Chinese countryside although gastrointestinal better than the average dog, but not vertical to it you eat something, it is easy to accidentally got enteritis diarrhea. Emaciated body did not recall the big black had just been sent to Yan Dong brother there two meat on second look, now Lu Ling Xi finally put it to fatten up some sorts is Youguangshuihua, naturally reluctant to let Black get sick again especially colitis that affect appetite diarrhea disease. So he Dongge warned in my mind, I began to limit the number of big black eat tomatoes every day.Retinoic acid Tretinoin "Forget it, the more the color will grow in the country is estimated to be a bit longer, we have time to talk about it." "...... Xiao Shushu." Lu Ling Xi hesitated a few seconds before it looks strange cry. Speaking, Xiao Feng has been more than forty though, but a perennial exercise of reason, strong physique, looked lean and serious, a land full of water and that dirty decadent, different muscle relaxation. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng also some fear of the past, although not later this mood, but never thought that one day will see Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu set with floral aprons stood before him. This contrast is too great, so he froze for a few seconds to react.

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