Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

"Hey, you also dislike some time ago not much grass on the ground, outside the birds bother you, this a few days to change the tone." "You got the wrong guy." Plant Name: Clivia miniata

Lu Ling Xi listened eyes light up, but did not directly pick but first turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, waiting for what she meant. Wang Shuxiu grunted, his face impatiently waved his hand, "Go, do not delay things down to have dinner." "Konishi ......" Red envelopes filled with money visually estimated number still many, almost put red envelopes bursting. This situation would give money to meet Lu Ling Xi first met, know what to do. Wang Shuxiu also stunned. Xiao Feng laughed and said:. "Konishi took it, this is your uncle a little something." Has more than six, Lu Ling Xi also trapped in the micro-gardening. Yen more anxious to find him, afraid of a juvenile person accident. Next to his side of the car windows slightly open a seam, condemning heard faint. "Bad weather." "Ah?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. In case if there cobra ran out, he would have cleared the northern outskirts of the bazaars. Since Daliushu purified to the village after village plant began soaring. Lee uncle yard hanging full of beans, the day before yesterday also Trustee Lu Ling Xi sent a bag of beans. They really eat their own, picking up again, it is about the disaster. In addition to beans, and cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes. The whole yard was almost always beans and cucumber vine covered, and some even probe into the yard outside. They kung fu dialogue, the movement of small trees up, stuck his head out and soon black color excitedly toward the gilded Nobuko, tail rolled a few centimeters thickness of the red snake drilled out from the trees. Red snake's body hanging softly, evidently dead. Wang Chaoliang shocked, stunned to see black long while speechless. He had seen black micro-gardening, of course, we know that black is the color of the pet. But this ...... the immediate scene he has not find words to describe it. Lu Ling Xi blinked, whispered: "Actually, I'm dead, do not know why he is alive I've also called Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi is not this, but another brother Lu Ling Xi Yan you believe it..?"

They work together, they cleaned the remaining weeds also spent half an hour. Easy Hang wiped sweat, urging landing Lingxi quickly change clothes to go out. "is it?"Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Lu Ling Xi think he needs to try to contact the family, if the other party is really in his body, he will try to swap back and the other body. The other is not him, they each have their own life trajectory, he can not arbitrarily replace each other's existence, but can not replace the other side of his selfish existence. Although it was the presence of his subconscious to want to escape ...... So hectic day in the past, in the evening, the whole community is the sound of firecrackers. From the balcony and looked, Ambilight half the sky, fireworks shine. Lu Ling Xi looked up lying on the balcony watching, behind him, Wang Shuxiu several people are bustling to prepare the dinner.

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