The blue cyanine B

That day Lu Ling Xi and Wang Chaoliang said good, the next day to go along with Wang Chaoliang Queenan pristine rainforest to see the field station. Just finished dinner, Lu Ling Xi back to the hotel to pack it misses something good to start early tomorrow. "Is it strange to know, his change is too big now!" Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu know fear, he smiled and said:. "We said a few days essentials card"

Lu Ling Xi does not know these small stones thought, if I know, and certainly too severely beat him up ass. He and all the way along the Black Fang Lei to find a small stone, is now near the songjiazhuang. Black here smell the smell of small stones left, muffled punch landing Ling Xi cried. Field Station Kunlun botanical garden located on the edge of pristine rainforest, although that is an edge, but also ancient trees, clouds, everywhere winding vines, lush flowers. A foot down on the ground is slippery, soft mud and rotting wood, Wang Chaoliang that come from the train did not get in, only to be stopped in a village near their foot into it. Renzhao Xiao Ling Xi Lu stretched out a finger to scratch his chin small milk cat, kitten meow loudly comfortable, condescending looked big black defiantly waved his paw. Black cries cry, contentedly hooked Yan Yue wrist. Yen Vietnam eyes tightly wound up, motionless together again. "Little bastard you hear it? Now you know who I am now." Black Crimping voice whispered cry. Lin Mei soon know. Taking advantage of the store the next day nobody took the jokes Wang Shuxiu. "Come on, come on and let me see your bracelets. Xiao Feng also true in that he is not afraid of your hand sink fast enough." He's really feel sorry, if Fang Lei one hour earlier call, he had time to change the itinerary, the small West can sleep will. "The." Wang Shuxiu while carrying things off, while pointing to Lu Ling Xi Road.

Yen more stunned, then react Lu Ling Xi mean, my heart could not help but laugh. Then how Lu Ling Xi also was a child, the mother seems to have a natural possessive. Xiao Feng but the rain stopped in the small restaurant, Lu Ling Xi already wary masterpiece, Xiao Feng seems to be how the same. "Good." Lu Ling Xi promised soon, thought added:. "Yan brother likes to eat pork, green onions stuffing" Lu Ling Xi did not speak, he wants to strive to control their emotions, upturned mouth but in any case not pull down. Everyone has to eat, Lu Ling Xi smile on his face did not change. Wang Shuxiu look in the eyes, sense of relief. "Oh." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently. They staggered eyes, all is calm. Lu Ling Xi stuck his head out from the kitchen, his hands still dripping wet da da, "Yan brother you come?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" Taxi in the street of East West Shui Po, and soon stopped at the Fengcheng near the city center in front of an old cell. Lu Ling Xi did not react, the Yen has pulled him step back. They looked up to see a little yellow monkey crouched not far from the trees, the flowers in his hand does not know what the fruits of landing Lingxi direction to try it. Black tilted its head, and whispering woo loudly. She looked sincere, Tian sister pushed the two did not accept it turned down the fruit. Taking advantage of Lu Ling Xi go to wash room to wash the apple is not, Miss Tian Ling Xi Lu filed with Wang Shuxiu school thing.

Yinyong De Yan did not think more directly about his thing to see a psychiatrist, but he wanted to know the attitude of the Yen, Yen more than one a father meant. He looked around a strong high thirties man quickly said: "That last little look back, the other two did not see."The blue cyanine B "Give." Cold face woman handed him a bottle of mineral water. Off the Luguang Jing, the principal did not hold back in front of a curious old man asked, Who is this Miss Ling Xi that? Grandfather a description, the age on the previous experiences in school here also on, but needless to say the same name, the principal face immediately white.

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