Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi inexplicable some small disappointment, telephone which did not mention something to eat. He thought of the afternoon saw the Yen more to say. Opened the door, Lu Ling Xi choosing to health again, and shed the habit of scanning spirit, I looked at the case of plants of the store. The watering watering, pruning the pruning. After all are done again and so he rubbed wicker chair in front of it three times, Lu Ling Xi belatedly realized that the more he seemed to miss the Yen. Zhanglao thoughts are attracted by Chunlan, did not pay attention to pot around how to pull the landing Lingxi depends Chunlan. Lu Ling Xi Carefully Chunlan holding out Zhanglao whiz eyes lit up, and vigorously praise: "! Green leaf color, firmness and flexibility, proud heaven, good blue" Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back.

Three days later, Lu Ling Xi Li brother to turn up the pot to their units. Meanwhile there is another delivery staff to a gardening store. Two were together at the door, and Lu Ling Xi, Yi-Hang driving a small break different Gold, another micro-gardening obviously very rich and powerful, direct drive a van. Vietnam Yen laughed. "You told me not so confident?" "Eight?" Yan Vietnam did not pay attention to how he kissed appease Lu Ling Xi, "rest assured that Wang Chaoliang certainly have to prepare." Back in Beijing the next day, the Yen saw the grandfather Yinyong De. In the roadside a small house, four men are get together to play cards. Creaking wooden bed, lying in disorder four large bags. Several men play ecstatic, no one attention from one of the bags inside the open bite, the length of a finger thickness chopsticks small black snake crawled out from the inside, and gently close the door of the corner toward the direction of efforts climb. Ten minutes later, they arrived at the field station Botanical Garden. He said that the station is in fact the central clearing jungle built three simple houses, around the room, some of Ling Xi Lu did not know the instrument placed on the ground, and stationed two workstations are the same age as Wang Chaoliang staff. Xiao Feng to a small restaurant, easy route to see the upstairs window. "The youngest Look, brother to the peak." Seven coming when Lu Ling Xi was rubbing his eyes and sat up. See he was ready to get up, the more color came over and kissed him, and said softly: "?. How much sleep a what to eat in the morning, I do." Therefore, although this time the cell environment changing, but everyone Actually, I'm think of any other. In addition to Lu Ling Xi was uneasy, we say it all the credit to the new mayor removed the garbage dump of this initiative, the conversations of the new mayor impression doubled.

"Brother Lee assure you that this is absolutely no problem." Wang Shuxiu heard from the kitchen, stuck his head stared Lu Ling Xi an, on the face Samsam Lu Ling Xi bawl bawl mouth, motioned and said:. "If you do not eat chicken will take the matter to small big black bastard even told your mother I play mind . " Easy route mischievous smile, the same Yadisangzi said:. "You want to be a dad chanting" Lu Ling Xi suggested: "You better change some with soil, rock peony growing needs of soluble calcium and other minerals, general nutrition soil calcium hydroxide which is not only difficult to be absorbed, but it will rock peony root cause damage. I recommend that you Baiyun limestone, very suitable for rock peony. " "Never mind, I'll wait for you." Yin Ya eyes light up, holding intimate Yin Seiran arm and said:. "Mommy, I love you." After the report after a number of recent transactions, Andrzej closed the hands of the data, the more one looked Yan concern, "Boss, when will you come back?" Huskies saw her lying on the ground belly overturned immediately assumed a play dead look. Yen more thoughtfully, "Is it a snake?" Northern suburb bazaars considerable scale, the outermost rows of small houses, business, people live, when the warehouse use, very confusing. Black searches focus here. One person, one dog and a half laps to go, big black suddenly paused live, furry face with a human face. She sniffed it down in the street, but did not call out gently bit her Fang Lei legs. Fang Lei you will understand, quietly issued a directive.

Until hang up the phone, Kang leaves only think of one thing. Yen more like this lack of affection childhood, a serious lack of security if people find favorite people, the majority will exhibit called "skin hunger syndrome" symptoms. This symptom is a popular point, the other side will be a strong attraction will be uncontrollable want to reach the other side, I want to touch each other. He did not know how to face the emotional progress, if not happen, no matter the case, the more it can only hope Yan learn to control their reaction, be careful of his mouth was as a juvenile metamorphosis.

Kang Ye see in the eyes, put away the joking attitude, serious and said: "? Are you serious" Yen more slight frown, he felt that he seems to understand little black snake was saying. Yan react more unequal, two small black snake looked at, to see if they do not seem ready to stop it and continue climbing slowly toward the back room.Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi did not pay more attention to stay on top of the Jaguar, his thoughts on the future of the how and Wang Shuxiu mention work on this matter. Lu Ling Xi touched the cool black body, looked up wondering: "What always felt did not buy."

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