Methyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi saw easy route, patted the hands of earth came. "I want to plant some tomatoes here." After washing in the morning Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu also use a bag of tomatoes for a near neighbor of two Chinese cabbage back. Look landing Lingxi packed almost, Wang Shuxiu think of one thing, "dumplings at home at night, you eat a meal more shouting Yan. Yan this time has been more trouble, nothing can be grateful." "Hey, two ha it?" Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more positive talk, turned looked at did not help to find two strange ha.

Lu Ling Xi is selected, the primary state of willow evolved into a state of movement is not large, so people will not feel like a big earthquake willow had evolved. With Lu Ling Xi determine the root of the willow shall commence to slow growth, in addition to a portion of the bar deepened, and the rest seems to be moving in a fixed place extension. Lu Ling Xi lengleleng, panel status display wrong, willow root part shall extend north towards really, it is just extremely slow. Half six in the evening, the more pinched Yen Lu Ling Xi point to send back. Lu Ling Xi entered the room, he saw more than a dozen boxes piled on the floor air-dried beef, immediately reaction over. "Dad came back?" Here, Lu Ling Xi some react. Guests Begonias are two pick in the evolution after this, these begonias put together, in fact, difficult to separate the difference at first glance. Someone can pick one, he does not seem to want to understand some fur, but know a lot. If that happens, the last fruit of the vine, this rock peony seems a bit strange. Rafflesia flower only once a lifetime, flowering only a short four days. Early bud bloom with fragrance, then it will emit foul odor irritating up. In the fourth day of flowering, flower petals king will gradually darken die, and then into a pool of sticky black substance within a few weeks. Wang Chaoliang Although not judge Rafflesia specific flowering time, but he and Lu Ling Xi can not stay here every day, want to see the bloom is certainly hopeless. With Xiao Hong came forward, little white cat did not dare to challenge the one million Shaw. It bravado directed at one million Shaw shook his paw, he turned around and ran back to the house. Xiao Feng looked at this scene some laughing, not what he said, raising the district where these cats and dogs than a clever, almost to almost into a fine. Lu Ling Xi a small white suit sitting in the corner watching them laugh. Yen Vietnam accompany his side, quietly holding out his hand under the table Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Somewhat taken aback, and immediately glanced guiltily around, they see no one noticed the little tricks, only the anti-hand back. Yen more bent lips, revealing a faint smile. Land and water at the side of a whining scolded: "You little bastard long skill, ah, I dare put a dog bites you, quickly put the dog to I led away." Look in the eyes of Xiao Hong feel even more interesting. The dog is definitely not an ordinary dog, but rather a specially trained. This training can generally find a dog like Tibetan mastiff or bulldog Bull Terrier and the like, it really is a rare dog training. Thus he thought his heart was a little face is not exposed, greeted a few people sat down to eat. Before Xiao Hong have made inquiries Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu and taste, it is entirely in accordance with their taste dishes point. He finished, exaggerated leaf Kang made a reassuring look, the more color and Lu Ling Xi watched laughed. Wore a fervent crowd of sight into three small restaurants, large black was left on the outside of the car. Small restaurant guests more and more, Lu Ling Xi began consciously not with a big black out small restaurants. Although he knew very large black healthy, no bacteria but also clean, but it is inevitable that guests will not mind this, only wronged big black.

Lu Ling Xi hesitation at him. "You just go out?" Lu Ling Xi hesitation at him. "You just go out?" Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi poked biting his black sleeves, black slowly tied to the wrist Lu Ling Xi, affectionately rub the rub. Lu Ling Xi angry, funny, "big black you angry now? I apologize to you." Tentacle creamy skin and moist, like the finest jade. Yan is more friction | fondle another twist | knead until the kiss of Lu Ling Xi whole body felt weak, shortness of breath, wheezing stop. He slightly hard, the whole Ling Xi Lu picked up against the bathroom wall. Lips and teeth entwined among young sweet feeling, mind inexplicable flashed that sentence teenagers - in fact, I'm dead. Shook his head, Lu Ling Xi did not think about it, to re-focus on the inside of the tank Vallisneria. After a storm, this clump of grass actually suffering unexpected evolved. Is it because he does not know every day talking about the pollution of the Spirit River, evolutionary direction that cluster variation bitter grass really is absorbed cyanide + 20%. Lu Ling Xi cheer, with gloves carefully from the bitter grass uprooted out tank, and clean the roots and cut out the part of the underground stems, branches intended for breeding. This propagation method is simple and quick, he intends to see the effect of reproductive part of eelgrass say. "Line of the line, come back at night. With the old bastard how divorce is also a big night for you to eat chicken stew celebrate."

This experience Ling Xi Lu did not realize that he wanted to take care of flowers so simple. Previously, when Lu home, nothing else he would occasionally go to the garden to see the flower watering pruning shears. He was thought that these very simple, but when he began to personally take care of the pots of spider plants, he found that even such a simple thing watering are also learned. Lu Ling Xi: "......"Methyl Crotonate Yan Ling Xi Lu with the original four at Fengcheng purify the soil, planting willow specifically looking for soil purification, as is so big one day and willow related, but apparently things are going better than he expected. If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?"

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