Disperse Dyestuff

Xiao Feng took the cub to a small restaurant a few times earlier, see Wang Shuxiu easy navigation busy in the kitchen, washed his hands helped played busy. He moves naturally, Wang Shuxiu actually can not say anything, slightly let let get used to it. Lu Ling Xi was shocked reaction easy route along his fingers at the past, a black car parked on the roadside, and together they are waiting for a red light. "Line of the line, to eat, to see you happy. During the day you have a day playing with these, the milk must be cold."

Yen more nodded, Wang Chaoliang study handed pass in front of Xue. Compared layman incomprehensible, whatever the outcome is Xue Tong insiders who understand the value of reading almost Chlorophytum. This and more color variation mentioned last time, like eelgrass, environmental and social value greater economic value. Xue Tong is not short-sighted people, immediately echocardiography. Lu Ling Xi nodded slightly. Ground Huskies also seems to know Dongzhi girlfriend in it, carrying two front paws over his eyes, like a man ashamed. "See? I'm your mother was there to work, the world of the square, remember." In short, Xiao Feng Yan to the call is to say, a land of water he had settled there, and let the water continue a land in the northwest dug, dug earn wages Xiao Feng do not, all to save the land of water. When a water and other land and toss the old does not move, so they took the money to his pension. How water is also said Lu Lu Ling Xi of a dear father, Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng gotta watch face gave him a way out. Large black paw poke to get the shotgun, quickly sprang a stray dog, ran off the only gun. Black squinted around in a circle, facing it with a few people shiver: "Dog dog ...... Tai Sin?" Yen more depressed in the eyes of disgust, "You Ling Xi's father?" Xue bought through clouds limestone still reluctant to go, the store's plants too close to his mind up. He casually stroll up, anxious to spend lots of money to Lu Ling Xi dug his flower garden. Circle, Xue Tong stopped at the table before them begonia. Four pots begonias put together, different colors, very eye-catching. But in the four pots begonia inside, only a pot he bought that taste. Other plant type, although beautiful, flowers are full, but not the taste. He remembered Qianlao also like pots begonias, forbearance and tolerance or said:. "I bought this pot, small business owners to another bowl good point" Way back, Lu Ling Xi some difficulties, unknowingly carrying a large black sleep. Yen more to see him asleep, subconsciously slow down the speed, the more smoothly open up from the rearview mirror.

"See? I'm your mother was there to work, the world of the square, remember." Lu Ling Xi looked up, embarrassed, "Yesterday slept much." Wash your hands before you eat on this matter, Wang Shuxiu feel trouble, brat but not go out much dirty work, even in bed for one day under the bed did not have anything to wash hands. Although she only think so, but fail to beat Lu Ling Xi's insistence, he will be forced to adapt to Lu Ling Xi habits. Lu Ling Xi Wang Xiushu or two to put on shoes, a pair of holding him to go wash their hands posture. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uneasy frowned, shook his paw holding a large black, a small channel: "Big black you change cell and white panel is not a relationship?" Lu Ling Xi put away the phone busy up on the other side holds the phone Yan could not help but eat taste again. Xiao Feng, like when he can have the same formal birthright? Black is the whining twice.

Lu Ling Xi is amused by his reaction, and laughed, "No, I buy this book how growing tomatoes. I also feel a little too old to go back to school, looking for a job." Wang Chaoliang stood beside him, slightly with emotion, said:?. "Konishi you know the majority of the Earth's plants and animals which inhabit the tropical rain forest, rainforest can be said that most of life on Earth stronghold but now everywhere is deforestation, rainforest on Earth getting smaller and smaller in the long run really ...... "Disperse Dyestuff See Lu Ling Xi do not understand, Wang Chaoliang laughed, indicating the pile on the table, "Do not you Grandma Wang older, but do eat these snacks district is a must. Uncle Wang a child looking forward to the New Year to eat these. In recent years you Grandma Wang troublesome, too lazy to get up for several years. this year or specially made for the small and the large black West to eat, in order to take advantage of Uncle Wang eat a little, not dipping a thing. " Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu to go to the address, hang up the phone will go out. Yen in just more, you can leave the shop looking.

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