Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Yan Ling Xi widening landing, he explained: "This little monkey is no malice, Konishi since you should be able to feel what it reminds the front, for security reasons before we leave here." Juvenile black dog seems to understand it, gave it to Dongzhi anesthetized behavior no longer struggling. Yinyong De pressing anger interrupted her words, "I did not say Xiaoya not my granddaughter. A more in Xiaoya do not bring over. Well, it so set."

Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu wedding set at the end of December. They have discussed it, to Shihai live here in the district. Xiao Feng, although they have a house, but not a good residential environment here, two Wang Shuxiu reluctant Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng would not agree that the Yen Lu Ling Xi follow them move together, altogether he had come to live. He himself magnanimous, but also do not care to say he lived a woman's house, anyway, he and Wang Shuxiu ever trying to be difficult. "Backyard tomatoes really look good, the next time you send seeds met people remember to thank people." "Ok." "Give." Cold face woman handed him a bottle of mineral water. After Lu Ling Xi "amnesia", with Wei Zheng sighed and white tone, it is a lot of boring, plus far enough away, which is usually a phone call to ask Lu Ling Xi send messages to the body. Like this trivia They are generally easy route to chat with, and then by the easy route as gossip passed Lu Ling Xi. Black slowly off guard, whispered landing Lingxi shouted. Lu Ling Xi hear what it means, some doubts glance Daliushu schematically Yan more they go first. Ling Xi Lu Sheng Wang Shuxiu side to porridge, lift the sentence. That she looked almost red tomatoes, they readily eat a wash. I did not expect to eat tomatoes taste in your mouth sand sweet, juicy and tasty, did not hold back finished eating one, until the work is mouth aftertaste taste tomatoes. Later, as long as she was at home, nothing to eat tomatoes, wash, even with all the various cooking tomatoes. Yan more fascinated pro | kiss landing Ling Xi, so he put the body of Ling Xi Lu suck | sucked out various marks, both in the hands of over-release, he was contented liberalized Lu Ling Xi. Although the Yen still do not understand teenage drunk before, then what is the meaning, but a teenager in his arms, Sentimental and fresh, he has been holding in my hand the baby, it was enough. Handsome and cute daughter different Yin Ya Yin Seiran is a rare great beauty. Even today, we have over fifty years, but the maintenance is quite good, the color looks good half of the genes from Yin Seiran.

"Dad sent me." Lu Yan Ling Xi holding the waist said, smiling. He thought it was a good sign, although Xiao Feng let him come, but Wang Shuxiu did not stop, does this mean that he can later come as often as before, the more the color. An address Kang Ye know that Lu Ling Xi house next door, he was silent a long while on the phone, I do not know how to tell Andrzej, less than two months, his boss has evolved from a robot-GEEK . Although the heart is strange that he did not speak out of turn, but be careful of the roots of these seedlings are dug out, get rid of the roots of seedlings soil, clearly we see the roots of the seedlings have a big gap. Lu Ling Xi explained: "This is no time to transplant somehow hurt the roots, root like Yang Yang." He swiftly arranged up Sulang obvious sigh of relief. "Well, Xiaoya it?" Wang Shuxiu makeup half, Xiao Feng hear the style to say quite angry at him. Xiao Feng looked at her, his face showing a smile. . "Oh," Su Wei suddenly positive, smiling, said:. "They say that you're a very powerful young man." Yen more dark dark eyes, said: "? He had just gone, what do you find him."

Get big black mouth arch arch buns, wrap schematic Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi white panel with the scanning surface.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Home more than a snake, Wang Shuxiu did not immediately found. Soon end, and because of her wedding and Xiao Feng, Wang Shuxiu somewhat busy during this time worse. Few people take advantage of the hotel Monday, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu to shoot wedding photos. Wang Shuxiu would have no need to think of these, she is old now, but also what to shoot wedding. Xiao Feng can be bent to shoot, but also with Lu Ling Xi go, said the way to shoot a few family portrait. Yan said that the more time quietly watching a teenager, he did not say these days like a voyeur as wandering around young. He was concerned about the teenager's every move every day, watching the juvenile intentions of taking care of plants and flowers, carefully watching the juvenile reception every customer, no one looked at the teenager in time to store clean up the house, watching the teenager stupid dog against dog laughing very happy. He desperately wants to suppress the urge to appear in juvenile side, taking advantage of the only teenager to feed a large dark, filled only occasional appearance in front of the juvenile.

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