Solvent Dyestuff

With greeting Xiao Hong, a large body, like a lion, black Tibetan mastiff slowly from the inside corner of the room came over and stopped at the feet of Xiao Hong. Tibetan mastiff eyes never left the big black eyes faint with fear, threats directed at the Black called out. The more Renzhao Xiao Yan patted him on the back, quietly cajole:. "This is human nature, nothing embarrassed" Small gray angrily waving claws, bluntly toward the direction of scratching Fang Lei mouth meow cried.

Black wronged gilded Nobuko, but it simply is not valid protest. Lu Ling Xi to see the man's appearance, surprised eyes widened, Dr. Su, how could he come here? Plant survival: Low Xiao Hong simply thrilled. Yan also seem to feel the big black mood, free hand touched the big black head. He thought, asked: "What are the other side of the adoptive parents request?" Neighbor against prying eyes, Lu Ling Xi Yan with the more polite farewell, "Thank you, really trouble you today." . "I was in a small restaurant" Lu Ling Xi is very happy, "but ......" He hesitated and said: "? Today is Mama peak brother to dinner, Yan brother do you want to come over." Easy route checked his pockets, his body will total a few hundred dollars, to say Lu Ling Xi Cou Cou are embarrassed to speak. "You did not tell aunt ...... sister?" Yen more agile due to pull the landing Lingxi action almost fell on the floor blanket, re-cover the body of Ling Xi Lu. He reached out and touched Lu Ling Xi forehead, and whispered: "? There for an hour, to drink it."

Lu said a water pathetic, Wang Shuxiu sneer up, "and then bet the son of a bitch? Aging mother to listen to your words are heard not know how many times, peak Brother respect of coal mines which take you to the northwest, the scourge of the province out I told you a land of water, you give up on this heart. His aging mother will not give you a penny, not only, but also to divorce his aging mother with you. " The next morning, Lu Ling Xi woke up more than five points. His side one has happened, big black immediately opened his eyes, shook the hair getting in the way. Lu Ling Xi smiled and rubbed a hand over a large black, up softly to pack up. Big black behind the Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi which ones it go also, do not call out quietly cry. Chicken attraction is still very large, big black horse turned away, the pull-up landing Lingxi trot. A water Zi Lu does not believe the car, things completely beyond his expectations, incredible smooth the whole process, he has not played the last affliction cards. Leaving a land of water find it strange that this young man's condition, he and Wang divorce and flowers repay what is the natural link? Is a water ...... Lu first thought was to give him the king of flowers with a green hat, but my heart and feel like. This man is really like fancy flowers king who, why is that?

"Your friend is dead, his family has sad?" For Huo Weiping of BU into Yanshi Hui also tolerant, Yin Ya is some urgency. She is now co-Pu difficult, if she missed the co-development of biotechnology Cape this opportunity, she would be excluded completely out of the center circle of the Cape together. Thinking and Laris Ann previous proposal, Ya Yin made up my mind once again back to the Fengcheng.Solvent Dyestuff Compared cuttings, the latter is not how Lu Ling Xi skilled. Although Qiu Tian gardening flower garden built inside the respective culture chamber, but the early Lu Ling Xi chose cutting, and slowly the number of breeding Begonia. Of course, he gradually began to learn how to use the culture chamber, to prepare for a large-scale reproduction. Wang Shuxiu thought, simply said:. "On the line today, and I'm the United States and tone classes, you go home with him at night to eat a meal."

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