High-wash Dyestuff

Ye Kang shook his head, "What can I do at home may be right." "Wait, vital signs appeared." "Tian brother." Lu Ling Xi politely say hello to play.

Sulang shook his head, these are just his speculation, Yan Huo Weiping do not know the identity, the more he is aware of Yen Hop Cape disputes. They just made progress here, there immediately close Cape also made progress, how things will be a coincidence? He always felt that the more color in there to do something, but they can not and Huo Weiping said. "Anyway Huoge you listen to me good, and there we co Poor's okay." Field Station Kunlun botanical garden located on the edge of pristine rainforest, although that is an edge, but also ancient trees, clouds, everywhere winding vines, lush flowers. A foot down on the ground is slippery, soft mud and rotting wood, Wang Chaoliang that come from the train did not get in, only to be stopped in a village near their foot into it. Old Zhang said that in fact, was already talk about a spectrum with his old, hard working life, retirement is only interested in those plants and flowers, simply do not value for money. Lu Ling Xi did not wait for an opening, he gives the price of three hundred thousand. Lu Ling Xi froze for a moment, hesitating sake put pressure on prices. Su grandfather was talking about raising the value of a good three hundred thousand, and now this strain Chunlan still keep the root of it, certainly not value so much money. "Little Miss, here." Su Wei positive seems to be just over, he walked toward the landing Lingxi beckoned. Lu Ling Xi frowned, "Peak brother rain stuck in a small restaurant." Yan foot depresses the brake, a land and water unguarded, directly hit the front of the backrest. She scolded gratification, Luheng Chuan did not say anything, assistant Luheng Chuan behind stepped forward, cold face snapped: "how to speak it, you ......" Yen Vietnam could not help laughing. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu to go to the address, hang up the phone will go out. Yen in just more, you can leave the shop looking.

"Stay here put it, such a large flower garden, it casually activities when told Xu three say remember to leave it in the corner every day something to eat on the line." Yan the open road. Yan the heart of a dynamic, cyclists think the idea is good, you can sit in front of the small West, always able to Konishi in her arms. He was thinking was not to be'll go buy a bike, Sulang been talking down to business, "Yes, next week I'm going to N.T headquarters trip, the foreign patent medicines rubescens also applied for." New River Zheng smiled, did not expect such a large micro-gardening fame. But along the way he did not see signs of drought in Fengcheng. Prior also said in the urban areas is time to water sanitation workers can go so far out of town, the road on both sides of the ground the seedlings all look good. Even with the shortage of land, which is lush weed, which can be nobody to watering, Zheng Xinhe it felt strange, "Fengcheng recently is not raining?"

Fang Lei's case more difficult to do this, he has prepared a long-term war. Hung up the phone, Fang Lei a man strolled out the door ready to find a place to eat breakfast. Took two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back toward the pace, an alley behind the bustling crowds full of work or school. He glanced warily, did not find anything unusual, you can always have a faint feeling of being stared at. With Lai Lai III and IV account, engraved and colleagues Fang Leili broken down into smaller, the same day the dismantling of several traffickers around Fengcheng stagnation, while fiddling caught under the house contact buyers. These people inside, the old Yao head caught most is the satisfaction of everyone, he is said to specifically deliver small beggar in Beijing over there, a lot of children fell on his hands are very miserable, with the words of the old Fang Lei Yao head is a scum.High-wash Dyestuff Flush the water Yan, poked black head, he fell not that black snakes hanging there is something wrong, simply feel terrible black dirty wash. After all, black favorite place to be is not his wrists arms Konishi, the outside rolling circle is somewhat dirty. He hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi still want something small stones. Yen closed the hands of the documents, punch landing Ling Xi smiled: "Fang Lei say anything?"

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