Wang Shuxiu oversees the side, three teenagers helplessness washed over and over again, until almost rub Popi, finally wash the color from his face, exposing the original look. Ten minutes later, the trio wore a wet docile hair, Lin Dao Wang Shuxiu honestly was in front of Ling Xi Lu. Duanle Yi Yi Hang pots grapes up, and say hello to Miss Ling Xi squeeze a go. He used Ling Xi Lu and intimacy, in complete disregard of the color of the bad cop. Taste the heart Yan, Lu Ling Xi an easy flight Minato is a look at their peers, often at this time, the Yen will think he is a bit old. Easy route do not care what color the more ideas, pull landing Lingxi bite from his ears, he said, it is nothing more than sigh Zheng Wei and white thing. Unfortunately, Lu Yan Ling Xi and Vietnam do not understand what it said. But rather angry black bully small monkey Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi climb out angrily against the wrist little monkey hissed. Little monkey looked curiously at the black, it seems anxious to think of what the squeaking, telling them, pointing to the front side also kept dancing.

Lu Ling Xi saw the word dwarf thoughtfully, fingers in front of eggplant is a bit too high. He turned around to see a middle-aged man open, "this strain is not just picking fingers eggplant had a heart?" "Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised. "Xiaoya how is your sister, how can you be so indifferent to her? I did not even see the housekeeper said you are willing to see her, you know Xiaoya how sad?" Lu Ling Xi speaking seriously, listening to each other face suddenly realized expression. "So it is the case." Room, Xiaofeng Min Rui heard outside the movement, silently smiled. He carefully for sleeping Wang Shuxiu tuck tuck, think flowers or do not know anything better. Easy route a few people did not take long to go, Wang Shuxiu also rushing to work. Lu Ling Xi has become a man, and spider plant pots in front of him. After the last time to get a little heart spider plants watering of plants, Lu Ling Xi next day asked around and learned that it is the patient seventeen pots of spider plants raised. He ventured seventeen with the patient, said he wanted to take care of the pots of spider plants, smiled and told that he had forgotten the other possessor of such a small pot of something, readily gave him the spider plant. Lu Ling Xi carefully tested in addition to the others after he could not see the white panel, a day when the person in front of the panel to study spider open. He soon discovered that he was not able to get water every time a spider heart of plants, must be time to spider plants need watering can get. While a particular spider plants do not need watering he poured a glass of water, and even upside down a little. The Mei Feng Yan micro pick, "he has not contacted these days is to investigate these up?" Outside the leaves slowly got Father, his eyes look to the leaf Kang, "I helped the boy so much a favor, how he wanted to thank me?" Lu Ling Xi dazed thought, trying to open his eyes want to look around. Where the sight of a blur, he blinked hard, flash memory fragments, yes, here is the hospital. He is surgery, her brother's body has a problem, the doctor said the brother is acute renal failure, his brother as HLA-identical matching compatriot who is the best transplant candidates.

Yan can be more anxious and more waiting to Lu Ling Xi, she nodded slightly. "Well, I can rest assured that this thing is over I will try to please a big black and A Huangshen recognition, is also let them contribute to white." Plant Name: Clivia miniata Lu Ling Xi think of those dishes are truly natural, than the market to buy food more delicious. Want a small restaurant business is good, Wang Shuxiu craft is one thing, tasty raw materials is also very important. Lu Ling Xi of the transition very smooth, small-scale micro-gardening, you need to transfer not many things, nothing more than how to care for plants and flowers shop, these are all Dulin Lu Ling Xi very assured. Month of her pregnancy a little big, often not prepared to complete the transfer to the store, and intend to do a walk away treasurer. Zhanglao looked around for a long time made up his mind, Stern, Lu Ling Xi said: "? Konishi, this strain of Chunlan you you serve." "Oh." Lu Ling Xi casually promised a cry, got up to go. Yan is more a hold of him over here eyes were full of tempting tender. Yan brought back the lips, deep voice, "Konishi not promise you good?" Lu Ling Xi hand hold her, I could feel Wang Shuxiu body tremble. He was afraid of the ruthless Wang Shuxiu gas, poor health, softly:. "I'm looking for a job, then I support you." Yan Wei Leng look more, reveals a faint hint of ridicule meaning. "She's not always want to fit into the Cape? I do nothing but fulfill her." Wang Shuxiu hesitation Han Zhu Ling Xi Lu.

"Do not bother Tian sister, I can be in." Lu Ling Xi hurry rejected. Black said again, seems to be landing and Ling Xi words.

"what?" Black some reluctance in his arms rub the rub, Lu Ling Xi patient feeling big black head, the commitment:. "I quickly came back."Ciclopirox Wang Shuxiu was glad, also promised down. This time there is no way in any case more Yen went along together. He even thick skinned and then, we can not say that the increase and Wang Shuxiu him. Xiao Feng ordered his studio is a friend to open in Fengcheng is very famous. Because the relationship between Xiao Feng, the studio boss personally received them, even with make-up artists and photographers looking for is the best. "How." Two fly angry way, he said, to pluck the leaves from the nearest half of lettuce, wash did not wash his mouth to eat a direct throw. "See, this looks like sprayed medicine?" Two fly Then they continued:. "Tomatoes take over."

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