"......" Lu Ling Xi seriously said: "Really." "Xiao Feng do not like?" Shook his head, Lu Ling Xi did not think about it, to re-focus on the inside of the tank Vallisneria. After a storm, this clump of grass actually suffering unexpected evolved. Is it because he does not know every day talking about the pollution of the Spirit River, evolutionary direction that cluster variation bitter grass really is absorbed cyanide + 20%. Lu Ling Xi cheer, with gloves carefully from the bitter grass uprooted out tank, and clean the roots and cut out the part of the underground stems, branches intended for breeding. This propagation method is simple and quick, he intends to see the effect of reproductive part of eelgrass say.

Cartons, black snake that eats its tail are circling, see the Yen over his head curiously explore. It depends on the color with a long while, hand pinched it carry up to seven inches. Last night he was dreaming all this stupid snake, which in the end do not know where they come from. Small black snake grabbed seven inches is not afraid, innocently looked more for a color, tail tip a small margin to hook up, tentatively wrapped around the wrist on the Yen. Wang Shuxiu married and divorced, no problem, there have been a failed marriage will be clear if the right to face marriage. Since Daliushu purified to the village after village plant began soaring. Lee uncle yard hanging full of beans, the day before yesterday also Trustee Lu Ling Xi sent a bag of beans. They really eat their own, picking up again, it is about the disaster. In addition to beans, and cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes. The whole yard was almost always beans and cucumber vine covered, and some even probe into the yard outside. Not such a big thing Yanshi Hui Yan assured to the sea, sea Yen heart is not convinced, this time a positive performance, helped by a message Hupenggouyou poking around, just to make themselves look a high Yanshi Hui. Qianlao suddenly thought of something, quickly went to the front of begonias, carefully read and reread. Across the street, Huskies looked helplessly Lu Ling Xi, he kept a "wailing woo" up. Lu Ling Xi very, very surprised, "Fang officer you remember?" Yan increasingly when the car with a lot of food, but he did not expect power outages, this is a big problem. Lee uncle do not even eat at home, they have to borrow a candle. Yan also no more thought to decline. But he looked at the people gathered in front of the car is not open later, and Lu Ling Xi will only be to walk up. He politely with Uncle Lee nodded, "I'll park the car and a small West in the flower garden again in the past." "Look at this, this is a rare strain of wild orchids bar. In the end who is going to mining, mining will not touch it, you see the root of the whole broken, is really a throwaway."

Easy route in front of the car drooling envy, Lu Ling Xi saw a license plate number, the car in Beijing is over. Both in this matter reached a uniform, did not mean to how. After all, the two older is really big, really hard to say can not be born. Police heard smiled, did not take seriously the words of Lu Ling Xi said. Dog no matter how clever, they do not believe that we can hit it so long to remember the person's taste. Ling Xi to see the landing with the big black one asks a serious two policemen Lu Ling Xi think it is still a child, but the dog is trained reaction conditions only. Look no more talk Yen, Ye Kang asked the sentence, "You is not heard nothing?"

Qiu Tian gas to death, his business adventures for many years, a return to God thinks guessed how it was. What kind of leadership do not like to give him Zhibuding Which competitors behind the mischief. Such a thought he would find that people find out in the end is how, finally asking him out, may result is contrary to his expectations. Really really someone robbed him of his business, but the other was not that he wanted a few competitors, but only a few acres of a small flower garden gardening shop. Lu Ling Xi: "......"Crotamiton "Zhang Grandpa, Grandpa Zhao." Yuehua Jian, Wang Shuxiu has run in front of the two men, Yibalaguo Lu Ling Xi stand in his own behind, then he took off his shoes, sturdy hand and a water landing hair with one hand and with the other shoe force Zazhuo.

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