High-light Dyestuff

Wang Shuxiu restaurant after intense preparations will soon be opened. "But better now." Lu Ling Xi joked, "Now I have a big black, has a mother, they have easy route, there Dongge, plus Yan brother, as well as micro-gardening, already has a lot of big black you is not it? " Wang Shuxiu from the side took a mug, poured a bowl of chicken soup open. Lu Ling Xi coma before the time do not need to eat as long as the infusion line, and now he woke up, the infusion is to die alone, nutrition must keep up. Just pour a little hot chicken soup, Wang Shuxiu while stirring with a spoon to take, while habitual whispered complained: "aging mother can not work at night to sleep, to rely on the morning would make sense, do not sleep in the morning now, and every day had to you get to eat. If you dare not later filial piety, his aging mother to find someone to break your legs. "

"Before the patient's head being hit, may cause central nervous system have been affected, this is not a big problem, and raised some time just fine." Lu Ling Xi a packed his things, other family members in the ward, and he read it. Yen more stunned, then react Lu Ling Xi mean, my heart could not help but laugh. Then how Lu Ling Xi also was a child, the mother seems to have a natural possessive. Xiao Feng but the rain stopped in the small restaurant, Lu Ling Xi already wary masterpiece, Xiao Feng seems to be how the same. Konishi is a small West, this is unique in the world Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng back in the day, Kang Ye also came Fengcheng. And the reaction time of the city as Xiaohong Gang, Ye Kang also change Fengcheng scared one. Via a high-speed toll, Fengcheng inside and outside urban areas like two seasons. While still as dull as winter, spring is already one side. "Hey, move, move!" Someone shouted loudly. Zhanglao love to see the landing Ling Xi, smiling, he said: "Tomorrow, we will not follow the old man two Konishi go with you, and a little bumpy old bones do not move, you shoot a small West Point photos back to me and you grandfather Zhao look on the line. " "Dog King?" Fang Lei curious said. Big black landing whimpered Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi mind a turn to guess Black's mind, it looked funny, soothing along the hair, coax she said: "I let Grandpa Zhang took orchids, not a big black bad care. today at noon to eat a big black chicken how? "

"You see that easy route for the birds on the line, a complete sample." An address Kang Ye know that Lu Ling Xi house next door, he was silent a long while on the phone, I do not know how to tell Andrzej, less than two months, his boss has evolved from a robot-GEEK . "Yes." Dynasty highlights nodded, "In addition to smuggling, and drug trafficking, border anyway, this one is not very safe. But we do not worry, workstations built more than ten years, have not met the smuggling of drug trafficking ....... " A water Zi Lu does not believe the car, things completely beyond his expectations, incredible smooth the whole process, he has not played the last affliction cards. Leaving a land of water find it strange that this young man's condition, he and Wang divorce and flowers repay what is the natural link? Is a water ...... Lu first thought was to give him the king of flowers with a green hat, but my heart and feel like. This man is really like fancy flowers king who, why is that? The so-called right of inheritance on a country and Prince, is a nice title Bale. As long as the old emperor die, I want to change how much Prince can be. Similarly, the father holding together Cape for many years, very heavy product Viagra. Even with my grandfather with a bunch of directors contend, in his father's eyes are nothing more than some trouble, simply shake his father's position. Also take into account the presence of previous father and grandfather of the outside wind assessment, now with the mother's naughty, father have fewer and fewer scruples. Even if he came back, it was a straitjacket imposed puppet Bale. Lu Ling Xi: "Yan brother said fourth day, but he should do a lot over there, the fourth day may not be able to come back." Lu Ling Xi does not know these small stones thought, if I know, and certainly too severely beat him up ass. He and all the way along the Black Fang Lei to find a small stone, is now near the songjiazhuang. Black here smell the smell of small stones left, muffled punch landing Ling Xi cried. One person, one dog crouched there on the TV, Lu Ling Xi altogether on with their business. He was about to stand in front of the Golden Flower watering, the phone suddenly rang, Lee uncle's phone. Small stone wandered off in the morning, going to Xiaojuan frantic. Uncle Lee has been reported to the police, want to see a large black can be of any help. Lu Ling Xi immediately agreed down. Hung up the phone Ling Xi Lu Fang Lei did not hide it, he wants to bring to the big black spirit of water village to find small stones.

Waiting for him to clean up the dishes after dinner, Wang Shuxiu stopped him, "I came, and easy navigation you play it." She was a little distressed Lu Ling Xi. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi bigger than it, every day, nothing is around. Lu Ling Xi go to work that are more than two weeks, and at night they still come back to read, I heard that also often seen at midnight. Follow the easy route previously little bastard when she Xiahun disappointing too little bastard, bastard now little disappointing, she began to feel bad little bastard. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, his head buried in the Yan's arms, holding his waist again and closed his eyes.High-light Dyestuff Wind, big black ears pricked up, his eyes moistening his finger Ling Xi Lu, quietly lying on his feet. Bamboo is a classification Joe undergraduate, also known as bamboo, only a wide range and rapid growth.

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