Ethyl Crotonate

Uncle Lee is not only home is the case, and different city, basically every household in rural yard love something to keep the species usually eat. Formerly home to eat because of a reason not to fight drugs, although the species out of something wonderful, but the yield is not much. This time do not know how, yield attached turned several repeated. Today the village but worry about how to do these things? So eat rotten to the ground pity, out to sell it, go near the vicinity of the village are like them, will buy. It goes far to Fengcheng, and some worth while. "This is the so?" Xiao Wang Shuxiu Man and do not know what happened, somewhat at a loss. "Small business owners."

Wang Shuxiu look happy, "That!" Father leaves some regret, he has been all kind of optimistic about the Yen. "Unfortunately, the kid does not like girls, your little cousin just graduated, and the kid it very good match." Here, Father leaves suddenly looked suspiciously Kang a leaf, "Kang You've been dodging refused to blind, not would also like boys, right? who do you like? a more? or that the assistant a side? you do not like the police, right? " Lu Ling Xi At this time only to find black sneak out, he leaned over and picked up a rather timid black, a small channel:. "I pets, black" The next morning, Lu Ling Xi was awakened by the sound of birds outside. This time with a cell inside weeds soaring, more and more birds near convergence over. It means that there have grass bugs, insects means that there have food. Ling Xi Lu is just the beginning seen sparrow species slowly more and more outside birds, magpies and swallows began. "Do not be so anxious for a while." He did not let go hold the Yen, softly:. "I had not hold off the small West," Xiao Feng back from the beginning of the northwest, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worried at home alone at night, it made no been flowerbeds overnight. Every time the two were alone in the car is not a store, scruples sight around the Yan can not do anything, only has endured the desire for Ling Xi Lu. Today had the chance alone together, the more impulsive Yan, Lu Ling Xi do not want to put back. "Boss?" Received a phone jack, Kang leaves some happy, "eat a meal together in the evening." He held the phone to the opposite Andrzej said, ready to come back a day later in Beijing. Unfortunately, Lu Yan Ling Xi and Vietnam do not understand what it said. But rather angry black bully small monkey Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi climb out angrily against the wrist little monkey hissed. Little monkey looked curiously at the black, it seems anxious to think of what the squeaking, telling them, pointing to the front side also kept dancing. "No, Yan brother is a good man." Ling Xi Lu Yan for more defensively.

Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong smile and say hello to play, only to find the store there is another person. Lu Ling Xi and looking to make people feel comfortable different, more out of a sense of the presence of this person is too strong. Neither looked like the micro-micro-gardening who does not like gardening store people, Xue through some guessing each other's identity. Land and water is a slap shot her a shorter length, holding his arm up loud yell. "Is not the last time you I do not give money, you see what I was labeled a. If you did not these things off to, I one arm gone." Yan looked down at the computer, casually: "? What is urgent." "? Lujia" Yan more pointedly: "The mother did not mean Laris Ann Yin Ya together?"

"it is good." Yan can not own more kiss landing Ling Xi, greedily devouring his breath. Finally his sanity still in the car when someone came, dismay liberalized Lu Ling Xi. He gently put Lu Ling Xi forehead burst collated discuss: "Do you want us Con noon they asked a few to eat a meal, be to celebrate."Ethyl Crotonate "Streets were filled with people, blocking traffic jam badly." Yan explained the sentence. Fang Lei Li Dayong afraid do not believe, just the village just statistics insurance contributions, and quickly pay out to Fang Lei watch list. Posted photos from the village to see the majority of people really are elderly, young little. Fang Lei looked again, and will be talked Li Dayong, also ready to leave no clues. He went to the village and saw the little boy. The boy stepped on a dog you want to climb a tree, hanging on a branch falters Biede blushed. Fang Lei laughed, I think this kid actor skin enough. He stopped the car on a whim, went toward the little boy.

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