Ciclopirox olamine

This is the truth Lu Ling Xi. Wang Shuxiu good for him he knew he wanted to return Wang Shuxiu. Here, Lu Ling Xi shy, slightly pointed ears red. "Mom was still young enough to have another brother." Lu Ling Xi nodded and thought seriously and said: "Xiao Feng him ...... he and his father, not the same as before." He tried to want to explain, "he told me I was free to call him, no matter what I did not recognize deny him, he regarded me as a son, he asked me not to worry, that he would take good care of my mother. "here, Lu Ling Xi paused, these words from his mouth and say it seems to be very common, but he would think Xiao Feng and Lu Lu Guangjing a water well is not the same. "what happened?"

Doctor Sue's words and the words of his father appear alternately in mind, Lu Ling Xi slowly close your eyes, once again I felt the heavy fatigue from the heart thrown, if this really is the last time just fine ...... One person, one dog walk slowly up the village dogs are also dispersed. It will follow behind sparse Lu Ling Xi Ling river water to the dog when twenty-three. Behind these curved around to say it causes and effects of too much, neither more Yan way clear, but also did not intend to speak clearly and leaves Kang. Anyway, so when you close the S & P took to develop, everyone will know. "Little bastard you want earthshaking!" Wang Shuxiu a shot chopsticks, Liu Mei stood, "This thing I say." "Are you serious?" Lu Ling Xi seriously said. "What is the guilt of it?" Yan Yan Shihui more right on the line of sight, piercing eyes, "Father knows how sea qualification Yan, also thinking about the co-P in his hands, is not destroyed in the Cape together ? Since the father do not care grandfather of effort, I have nothing to be worried about. " Fang Lei shook his head, "is not a case of something. Do you remember the last time small stones accident, there are a few stray dogs to help find a small stone, right?" Yen more Gouzhuo mouth, knowing that Lu Ling Xi avoid him, but also deliberately continue to appear in front of Ling Xi Lu. "Oh." Lu Ling Xi obedient nodded. This time he is completely inadvertently opened plant evolution, even he himself did not know his panel would be disturbed mood. Next time if not desperate, do not face the more he commanded certainly not forcibly evolved. Panel five-point force of nature once owed, he was very distressed.

Lu Ling Xi frowning grabbed his hand, with a soft complained: "The hair is a mess." Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng secretly looked at, he felt more than a land and water too much stronger. "Hey ...... You can not ......" Black Lu Ling Xi looked, smelled and bow buns, no action. Wang Shuxiu thought, followed nodded. One person, one dog Shumenshulu straight corner flower market dropped those half-dead plants and flowers, carefully rake up. "You see, I said all right." Lu Ling Xi whisper of revolt. I, perhaps because of the experience of his physical examination with a subconscious rejection. But his resistance in front of the face that are not used. Yen more rubbed his hair, deep voice with a spoiled, "obedient to see how the doctor said." The thing ...... Yinyong De shook his head, Xiaoya also grown up, not that timid child took his brother's sleeve and asked why the girl did not like her, and began to have their own thinking about this. Lu Ling Xi thought, to simply rubescens placed outside the micro-gardening. Soon the effort, rubescens plants on top covered with flimsy, different patterns of ice flakes. And Lu Ling Xi Ying seen in Figure borneol different white, with a hint of blue in front of borneol in shining the light on, there is an indescribable beauty.

Yan said the more so, Ling Xi Lu also did not want to understand that after this thing on the mind. "Go downstairs to buy something." Lu Ling Xi explained.Ciclopirox olamine Xiao Feng is not that night, after dinner the Yan reluctantly back wall, leaving only the 101 Lu Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu mother and son. Lu Ling Xi Han Zhu Wang Shuxiu ready to return to the room, put a card in front of her. "Little bastard, you worry about relying on this face after not eat."

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