Crotonic Acid

Front panel about two A4 paper size, thickness, like a thin layer of paper, the central panel is a black screen, appearance is very texture. No aid of any external force, the white panel so lightweight floating in front of him. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to four weeks, others in the ward still sleeping, one after another grunt still ringing. His eyes fell on the back panel, perhaps just gone dead and alive miracle, he was actually a little strange not afraid, but there is a little impulse to look in front of a white panel in the end is what. Teenage look slightly shy and serious comfort his appearance Yan Yue heart just to soften. He forced the boy rubbed his hair, heavy Enliaoyisheng. Yan Zheng with the New River a few steps back to the garden, a small courtyard two ha n lively dragged out to Kang Ye Liu Wan. Two Ha strength is not small, tightly grabbed two leaf Kang Ha rope, almost two to be dragged down to the ground of Kazakhstan. Ye Kang some frustration, he accompanied the two in the morning just outside Ha lap, this rest for a few minutes, listening to the results of two Kazakhstan dogs barking outside and clamor to go out. He thought of the morning two Ha ran ahead, how could not pull pull all embarrassed, life and death do not want to go out.

Xue Tong Couqu, "Xue Shushu there." Listen opposite hang up the sound, the more closed Yen good phone but it is wide awake. Small lapse six months, he again tasted the taste of insomnia. Tossing and turning, the more color and lit a cigarette stand to the window. Long time no smoke, there is in Fengcheng Lu Ling Xi tube, and he almost quit smoking. If the teenager knew he was carrying his smoking, it is estimated will seriously harm him say again cigarettes. Yan thought the more serious expression Teenager, silent smile, simply to twist off the hands of the smoke. We all know that a micro gardening say the new guy is good, gardening raise good, did not see micro-gardening pots of begonias door that opened exceptionally busy, coming and going of the passers-by were attracted. If the store look more reluctant to go, and there are nice plants and flowers Sinong. Green leaves, flowers, Decleor, the entire store is green, to breathe the fresh air than the outside, it seems to be a long day's fatigue even be gone. Since the last accident, Grandma Wang's legs would not so agile, and had to pay attention to wind and rain. Grandma Wang Wang Chaoliang said several times, the king grandmother restless, not every day Getting around is a bunch of old lady shouted cells play croquet. Wang Chaoliang No way, Grandma Wang had to buy a few good warm pants kneepad, afraid Grandma Wang suffered a cold cold, it can still be blowing up. But also the loss of a leg, Wang grandmother and then not to doctor's words lightly. Dulin slightly shocked, I did not expect Lu Ling Xi actually know. Calceolaria origin is Mexico and Peru side, China is not a long time cultivated country, which is only in recent years have seen in the market. Dulin also because Calceolaria florid extra cash, just think of the one species. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding arm, whispered scoff the sentence, "the little bastard." Black more pity. "Konishi?" One person, one dog walk slowly up the village dogs are also dispersed. It will follow behind sparse Lu Ling Xi Ling river water to the dog when twenty-three.

Neither of them noticed Lu Ling Xi do not know when to wake up, all the way to the silence of carrying a large black, had made no movement. Black Ling Xi Lu quietly licking fingers, wet eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi tightened hand, facing a large black exposed shallow smile. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, his head buried in the Yan's arms, holding his waist again and closed his eyes. Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised, then curved in the eye will talk Yen more rushing said:. "If it is because of money, you can pay back the money late, I do not worry this good opportunity, it is best not to miss" Ling Xi Lu eyes closed, ears buzzed just feel terrible quarrel. I do not know the aftermath of the surgery, his head was like a see-saw saw about as faint stinging. Lu Ling Xi struggling want raised his hand, seems less limbs obey his command, he exhausted all the strength, only slightly moved his index finger. "Laoxue you can ah!" High Yongliang force patting Xue through the shoulder, "Where's this flower, how early do not move out? What kind of flower garden can be planted on a large scale it? Floral stable? The smell is absolutely on the city It is unique. " "A yellow Tell me, brother, you can smell the smell." Ling Xi Lu but did not take the elevator to the first floor by the stairs, he felt his body recovered well, usually given the chance, I am more willing to move a bit. On the ground floor of the canteen to buy something, he was filled with curious look into the pot stand in front of the door, no one around to take advantage of the fast hand touched the green radish leaves in front of a white panel quickly appeared. After Yan to adopt more big black thing, Lu Yan Ling Xi on the impression is very good, is that the character of some cold Yan. He remembered yesterday and the Yen Yen laugh more reaction, so after leave each phone, he also did not know what to say that more and Yan. With more embarrassed smile Yan, Lu Ling Xi squat again played a big black funny. Su Father good-natured smile: "I came to thank this young man, I looked at the video monitor this guy pull me up, but that he may be necessary to hit the tiles in my head.." He now understood that a small gray sounds does not seem too happy to do anything, unless he can endure the kind of small gray "foolish mortals" tone.

"Bah, ya!" Wang Shuxiu furious, "This house is my son, and you land a water fight TM think about the idea of ​​this house."

He had just a small stone in the afternoon back to the spirit of water village, a small stone on the rack to look for grandma. Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan listened to the words of the line and the sleeves are up, the results of Dong grandmother life and death fight to keep stopping that fight also remember the first row, just come back how small stones have to be looking hard, call a few days. Lu Ling Xi look like small stones, a few days later estimated to mix. A yellow touches because it was Grandma Dong boast and boast. Dong grandmother did not previously agree to raise A small yellow stone, this did not opinions, but also to buy the bones is barrier kennel, A yellow straight to their home as benefactor. Noisy afternoon until the evening and only then the Yen Lu Ling Xi Ling from the water back from the village. Plant Name: ChlorophytumCrotonic Acid He and the only mining surplus in Ann who spent so much of the mind, in the end they became the only selfishly forced Ann alive, they sorry for him. Luguang Jing really do not know in the end what went wrong? Why would become the only safe now? He remembered how a child is the only safe and well-behaved, with the mining surplus feeling how good, can not remember the blink of an eye everything looks like a. "Dead dog! Let go!"

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