Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Because of previous poor health, in fact, Lu Ling Xi Xi still do not like to move, can not understand the big black Lu Ling Xi psychological, each own Sahuan time, have dragged Lu Ling Xi together. Lu Ling Xi speechless touched the big black head, forced by large black holding all the way went to the flower market. "Wang." Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng, waving from the window with a style all their own Rana, for the Yan explained: "Its owner abroad, Dong brother said to go to Africa for three years to come back the other side is not convenient to take it out, it is holding. Dongge give him to find a master. "

Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi said it put down the heart. Now many people outside, he is not good to stay easy route, he said a few words hastily looked at easy route hurriedly ran down. They speak of the effort, the Yen has been greeted Ye Kang sat down, pulled poured him a cup of tea. "Well, he is his good eye fancy flowers, flowers did not fancy him on the line." Thought flashed, Ling Xi Lu heart of a dynamic, quickly saw the rise of the balcony to call one more color. Yan can only see the back from his point of view, the more evidently Yan 1:30 would not finish the phone. Lu Ling Xi heart pounded jumped up, almost like a thief, like secretly opened a booklet. In fact, he is very curious about the contents of the above, but embarrassed to ask the top face in the end what is written. Black did not ignores them, he looked cry, behind the dogs along with them wailing woo up. Song Wan realized that he never forget this day, along with hundreds of sky howling like a dog, and foremost that big black dog. Xiao Feng smiled and said, "Your sister-in-law on the tube, after you heard the sister-in-law." Soon, the door opened a small hospital, a thirty-year-old man came out. The boy's face lit up, patted the side of the big dog, big dog suddenly rushed out, just blocked out man. Men see the big dog panicked and ran back the instinct is necessary, but the addition of a small door of the court quickly dogs, blocking his way back. Zhanglao insisted Lu Ling Xi finally accept three hundred thousand. Father fear that the news had been robbed before, keep Zhao looked at the old man for his baby orchid, a man hastily went home to transfer the land Ling Xi. "Ah." Lu Ling Xi obedient closed his eyes against the back for a while and fell asleep. Yan smiled more, "Konishi talking about the rain forest today to some excitement, sleep a little late."

Black did not want to separate and Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi reluctantly licking fingers, obsidian-like eyes look gently landing Ling Xi. Xiao Hong and good attitude, Wang Shuxiu mind the last vestiges of apprehension is eliminated. She already refreshing temper, immediately he smiled and exclaimed:. "Big Brother" "He even I do not know, I do not call a big problem? What is the big deal? You okay in the end the hospital?" He remembered his father and say, "The last time ......" Fang Lei still curious little gray in the end is how got here, but unfortunately a small gray refused to answer this question, but Fang Lei do know the outside of the bird is closing tabby gray little brother, responsible for staring at him out of whereabouts. There are several like this only brother, located in the alleyways different places. If he had not just give tabby eat dried fish too angry to make a small gray, small gray nor incite to find him afterwards. "Konishi." Yan more suppressed emotions, try to calm Road. Xu is cold sake, little boy wearing a lot, looking like a small ball. Lu Ling Xi lips bent, "how do you know I'm here?" Tips on the panel lights up, Lu Ling Xi first received such a large reward, heart not excited. He looked at the original panel display upgrade 0\1000 (step 1) and some worry about slow progress can not upgrade, now suddenly settle down the heart. Lu Ling Xi expression softened, carefully hand touched the probe into the cage big black head. Black did not move from the landing Lingxi action. Yesterday they took advantage of the big black coma to give it a bath to wash, spent the night, big black shiny hair can not be said, at least a lot cleaner. Black seems to see him there is something quiet crouched in front of him. Lu Ling Xi lightly touched a large black head, whispered: "?? Big black you say I do not want to ask her brother Yan encountered anything I think as a friend, should be concerned about is not concerned Yan Big Brother"

Tian sister in turn pulled landing Ling Xi asked him if he did not do, Lu Ling Xi grateful shook his head. He did not return to the ward, but followed behind Wang Shuxiu, and the like in the bathroom door. Tian said such a sister, Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh.

Yen more surprised a moment, then broke into laughter again. Yan looked more envious, from behind holding Lu Ling Xi biting his ear, pointing to one of them said:. "This position can also stop a person, I'll let Andrzej P me go."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Yan heard the laugh, count afternoon, Lu Ling Xi before and slept for almost 17.8 hours, and really sleep much. He reached Ling Xi Lu in the arms, hand and gently touched Lu Ling Xi's neck, good laugh: "?. After drinking it was also drank drunk like this." Lu Ling Xi nodded.

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