Solvent Dyestuff

When the home Yan, Yin Yin Yongde Seiran being accompanied. Lu Ling Xi almost unconsciously pulling away from the Yen's hand, turned to the opening. The more eye grassland Yan caught him in time before he spoke, whispered: "? Konishi" These two names are sufficient to arouse the attention of the Yan, Wei Leng his eyes look to the man on the ground. This man knocked some deeply honored in the eyes of others is nothing more than to see a bustling, but the fall color of the eyes is an ulterior motive. He did not doubt a land of water, then the man who kind of gambler common kind of people called no skin rogue flavor. He did not think is so beautiful teenager will have a loyalty to this father. If a man started to hit him feel a little strange, I thought the other was deliberately Pengci, then now he probably guessed the man's mind. He did not know where the men knew that he and Lu Ling Xi met, even men know how much in the end? But should lend him never to come to catch landing Ling Xi. He can take advantage of a teenager today, the future will be able to take advantage of numerous juvenile.

"The test results came out yesterday, Dr Chan said I recover well, can be discharged." Lu Ling Xi patiently explained, Wang Shuxiu know what to worry about. "Do not drink." Lu Ling Xi obediently promised. She simply did not know what to say. "I think me and the dog can be considered a little fate. But never mind, I can see it quite like you, you adopt it good, too. I just can not take the liberty to ask you a contact, I would like to have time to go look at it. " Sulang think a lot of that moment, he felt faint familiarity in the land Lingxi body, he inexplicably close to Lu Ling Xi, as well as Lu Ling Xi exception concern rubescens ...... many issues wrapped around his heart, the answer is, in contrast, the Soviet Union Long did not think of going. "Be careful cold." Yan Ling Xi landing more stepped forward to push back. The name brought back memories Sulang not willing to think about, he thought the police just punks mouth and his memory of the teenager the same name, but did not think the boy in front of even the appearance was actually a bit and he has memory Ling Xi Lu in similar, but even more amazing watching the boy in front of a number. Far enough away not think, now close it, the more color the boy who just feel kind of comforting taste. Just so quiet stood beside him, his heart had been repressed rage and then slowly down gently. So that he could not help but want to be near some of the juvenile, then closer. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu know fear, he smiled and said:. "We said a few days essentials card"

Big black dog tied rope can barely accept muzzle bit not happy, arrived in his head refused to close Dongzhi, unhappy roar so even a voice. Dongzhi Shetenglebantian not on the set, only to be handed over to Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Zhou Zhao face sat up the body, vague and said: "...... is my mother's." He was not embarrassed this booklet, but to give him this booklet people. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding arm, whispered scoff the sentence, "the little bastard." Yan Yue mean to him out of all his money, not a penny Lu Ling Xi pure technology shares, and of course the bank card inside three hundred thousand he would not close, just as his upfront. Lu Ling Xi how this proposal can not agree, the two men insisted that half of the money, accounting for more color and to share the bulk of micro-gardening. Lu Ling Xi think he has been regarded as an advantage, and White said he and his money are actually Yan Yue. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Thought here, QiuJun a raspberry. Those willow saplings If he were dead, TMD is a new Hong Lu greedy son dead. Then Goumiao when he said not too long seedlings. 5 cm and 2 cm seedlings seedlings than it is certainly easier to 5 cm seedlings survived. Although more expensive than the price up a bit, but follow-up is definitely worry and effort. According to the results of two grandsons 5 centimeter seedling prices reported up, approved a buy back of it is 2 cm seedlings, seedlings changed hands a half to earn money. He did not take the money when things hurt to come to him, really grandchildren! When the car, and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu sat together behind. Black squatted Lu Ling Xi feet. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu looked in the rearview mirror, smiled and did not speak directly to open the car. Wang Shuxiu face if nothing had happened, his heart was inevitably some tension. Although Xiao Feng has said brother sister were good, not the kind of picky people look for a job, but she still feels ill at ease. This mood is still only had the year when she came to see him land a water home mom. They moved three times before all move those leaves Kang bitter patting the trunk covered with dust, distressed and said: "Baby, you are the owner of this to you, you completely when trucks make you want to change the master?"

"Well, I can rest assured that this thing is over I will try to please a big black and A Huangshen recognition, is also let them contribute to white." Yan looked the same, "they want to lead the way, we followed on the line."Solvent Dyestuff Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu know fear, he smiled and said:. "We said a few days essentials card" Xiao Feng some mixed feelings, he is not afraid of retribution ago, earning dirty money, it should not hospice. But after a few days so leisurely day, followed by Wang Shuxiu eat a few meals, Seeing good life waiting for him, and began to fear. He remembered the far northwest of Big Brother, Big Brother then act violently fighting hard also ruthless than him, and win their hearts and met sister obediently cultivation, good deeds, law-abiding, almost as a living Buddha. He used to understand, and now understand about Big Brother mentality.

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