High-wash Dyestuff

Speaking of spider plants, do not know Ling Xi Lu is not the illusion, he felt basin spider plants on the windowsill recovery seems a little too good. Within a few days time, before the soft yellow leaves lying completely straight up, like a glossy green leaves of specially care as before. Yesterday, doctors rounds with a group of nurses, and nurse him boast spider raised well, to learn from him. Lu Ling Xi had not previously raised plants and flowers, he did not know whether suspicious, spider plants watering can be restored only by so doing, or is it all about and mysterious white panel? Lu Ling Xi nodded and found himself a reason, "when the hospital before they eat the medicine home, listening to the nurse talking about." Yen against the balcony railing to see more quietly landing Ling Xi, although now full hands juvenile black mud, his face did not seem to care even a little rub, clothes are simple t-shirts, trousers, also sets out a some years old coat, but now he is like a teenager. Intense feelings of heart surging, more Yan gentle eyes, walked over and squatted on the side of Ling Xi Lu.

Front panel about two A4 paper size, thickness, like a thin layer of paper, the central panel is a black screen, appearance is very texture. No aid of any external force, the white panel so lightweight floating in front of him. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to four weeks, others in the ward still sleeping, one after another grunt still ringing. His eyes fell on the back panel, perhaps just gone dead and alive miracle, he was actually a little strange not afraid, but there is a little impulse to look in front of a white panel in the end is what. Yan Ling Xi Lu gave the more impatient reaction directly opened his hand, to see some young red nose, which he such a get, by the stimulation nose sour, tears flow directly out. His face became careful, like the face of a fragile treasure, like Lu Ling Xi gently wiped tears of his eyes, then carefully handle posted on the other side of the nose, whispered: "? It hurts." Such a view, leaf Kang finally put down the heart. Yan mouth as a more "half-baked" psychiatrist, Ye Kang Man consciously he was quite accurate. Boy in front looked on simply gullible, worldly, he has been worried about the teenager bewitched Yan Yue, now it appears to require trans-trans, and who do not necessarily really kidding. Yen more Enliaoyisheng supplemented with: "Now the new drugs being tested is already considered a success." Southern Blight is one of the common diseases of large flowers Clivia, Clivia half against big flower and leaf bases at the underground fleshy stem. Early Disease relatively good deal, but once in the late Clivia it will threaten the survival of severe wilting plants or dead. Lu Ling Xi closed the hands of information, carefully follow the book says remove disease section. With white panel auxiliary, he was easily able to see the roots rot where lie, do not need to tentatively find. After removal of the disease portion, he will base the rest of disinfection, sterile cuttings in the wet sand, waiting for re-rooting. The process is simple to say, but in fact the operation is extremely complicated, people need to concentrate carefully. "Konishi." Yuehua Jian Yan in the hands of the coat draped to Lu Ling Xi's body, holding his hand a slight frown, "how how cold hands?" He laughs off his coat, and Lu Ling Xi get together again. Together they planted over these bitter grass, the color wash your hands ready to roll up their sleeves to cook. Wang Shuxiu not, cooking has always been under his control, basic cooking is not a takeaway with a tomato sauce. Lu Ling Xi washed his hands now over and saw tomato sauce remembered Peak brother planted tomatoes and grapes, I do not know how long is it going? Small courtyard tomatoes have been fruitless, and Lu Ling Xi simply to give processed tomato seedlings, to turn back to it again. He is now looking forward to early peak brother planted tomatoes on the market. Uncle Lee did a good job this year, for the flower garden is really the heart. Before listening to Dulin saying we should turn out flowerbeds Father also feel pity, and so saw Lu Ling Xi, said Father nor pity. In his telling, small dolls shares the taste. City people may not think that he stayed perennial rural, out is the tree, the ground is a crops, pick wild flowers everywhere, people are not particular about the city close to nature thing, small dolls have so little taste. dawnchen threw a landmine extremely grateful, drop their resistance to the pro-Meme da ╭ (╯3╰) ╮

Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, "Su grandpa ......" Drum face him this look really cute, Lu Ling Xi laughed, nodded with. Lu Ling Xi wrestled with want to find an excuse, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu suspiciously looked a sudden hand on his head and claps his face with a smile and said:? "I have no money how afraid your mother know little bastard distressed mom?. Rest assured, your mother who I am, how could the money. do not listen to your father Hu Lie Lie, even if there is no other money you must have in hospital. " To after work, Wang Shuxiu phone again, say or night dinner thing. Lu Ling Xi excuses refused. I heard something in the shop, Wang Shuxiu I did not say anything. Lu Ling Xi relieved to face more and more a text message, that he can go home from work tonight. Lu Ling Xi nodded, totally did not expect the Yen would cheat him. The more he looked at Yan went terrace and closed the door, which does not complain.

? "Serpent" Wang Chaoliang immediately stopped and whispered: ".. Do not move as long as we do not first provocation, nor the main snake generally provoke us," but he said that, or from the bag and pulls out a pre-prepared the snake medicine. Bitten by a venomous snake is not the best, if there is bitten can be considered ready. Old Zhang said that in fact, was already talk about a spectrum with his old, hard working life, retirement is only interested in those plants and flowers, simply do not value for money. Lu Ling Xi did not wait for an opening, he gives the price of three hundred thousand. Lu Ling Xi froze for a moment, hesitating sake put pressure on prices. Su grandfather was talking about raising the value of a good three hundred thousand, and now this strain Chunlan still keep the root of it, certainly not value so much money.High-wash Dyestuff Kunlun rainforest living here a lot of monkeys, these monkeys away from human gathering, rarely appear in front of the basic humanity. Station staff also go out occasionally seen them a few times, Yan little monkey is the mouth of the most lively and there is also the most daring one. Last also with flower gestures go for bread in their hands, but also in the case where they observed a half-day to make sure no dangerous. This situation is really like Yan mentioned more rarely. Because the relationship between early peak, more and Yan Lu Ling Xi stop and go back to the micro-gardening had almost nine.

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