Old man brought two tools he had seen before in the land home, in fact, the operation is not tired, just need to bend controls the spray direction. Lu Ling Xi has always insisted, lanky old man thought, also agreed down. Yen more frowned, stepped forward hauled a small black tail and threw it in the kang. Small black snake seems to be very comfortable, a little bit moved to the white picket fence, it is the intention of maybe just a few laps around happily, results going around to itself into a knot untied. Yen, etc. The more things packed, Lu Ling Xi also large black and almost affectionate. He was a bit embarrassed to see more color, more color in the toes kissed his face. Yan laughed more, big hands covered in Lu Ling Xi's head, rubbed his spoiled.

Two together for a long time, the more life experience Yan Ling Xi Lu confessed to early, Ling Xi Lu Yan also know there is more out of his own investment company. Xiao Feng is not that night, after dinner the Yan reluctantly back wall, leaving only the 101 Lu Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu mother and son. Lu Ling Xi Han Zhu Wang Shuxiu ready to return to the room, put a card in front of her. This is the first crop of vegetables inside greenhouses, the basic green leafy vegetables, Yi Keke looked on emerald green water Lingling. Gained even do not understand farming, but also to see their home food is good, certainly delicious. Inside the greenhouse workers say these dishes a good long, with shares of vegetable fragrance, is not Guadan. To say the seeds of these dishes are buying ordinary seeds, they do not fight drugs without chemical fertilizers, can grow into this only reason is that good soil. Small shovels, buckets, gloves, masks, Lu Ling Xi equipment is very complete, all this time to specially prepared. With the experience of the last sarcastic grass, Lu Ling Xi think he should not be like last time to get the body is mud. After the evolution of eelgrass filled buckets Lindao the river, Lu Ling Xi no hurry to transplant, but to acquire a small shovel stones and ready for transplanting blizzard clean cleaning area, again near the mud for a long shovel, dig a few a suitable hole. Xiao Feng laughed, a more meaningful look Yan, Wang Shuxiu to say:. "Rest assured, no black poison, it was old, even the teeth are just grow out of nothing." With the change Fengcheng environment, humans and animals can communicate things will only be more and more, simply can not do completely confidential. Yan believes now more sensitive sense of smell has been eyeing this news reporter, to see how the blockade of the above efforts. The above could not wait until the blockade broke this news, Fengcheng of evolution are almost a certain scale. Even when Lu Ling Xi anything unusual was found, mixed in with the evolution of these were in would not be too conspicuous. Sulang and Huo Weiping on clinical trials rubescens success, no two days two people received the message, close clinical trials on Cape rubescens also made a breakthrough, is preparing to apply for a patent. "In the future this is your home." Lu Ling Xi big touching the underworld. Kang Ye realize what to say, the more color paused, silent confirmed his words.

Lu Ling Xi did not pay more attention to stay on top of the Jaguar, his thoughts on the future of the how and Wang Shuxiu mention work on this matter. Lu Ling Xi some uncomfortable away his face, looked Wang Shuxiu slight laugh. They help landing Lingxi speak, Wang Shuxiu scruples now the occasion, Lu Ling Xi stared at, not to pursue the black thing. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, it seems mom is not afraid of snakes, black anyhow had a clear path, it will no longer be a black households. Hung and Shaw had the same feelings of other people. Changes in the environment is not like anything else you do not see things, but shining in front of people. There are often concerned about the weather forecast people will find Fengcheng has been for a week of air pollution index is below 50, the air quality has reached a good standard.

A pedestrian not be here more, today is Friday, Dulin worried back late to catch Fengcheng traffic jam, they're in trouble. Lee uncle of Ling Xi Lu impression is really good, all the way to put them to the side of the road, straight Lu Ling Xi asked time often. Flowerbeds things also assured that he must give good care of, not to worry about the little doll. Yin Seiran wronged muttered: "Yes I do not care that he do that he will not let me pipe with what he says does not listen, all perfunctory?.." Seeing Yinyong De have to get angry, Yin Seiran quickly changing the subject. " a more pressure in the end is how is it? is the company do for you? "Ciclopirox Watching childhood obedient son, Luguang Jing difficult to make his guarantee. Lu Ling Xi said nothing, just open a pair of dark eyes will be looking at Luguang Jing. Lu Ling Xi inspected the Black unscathed after politely thanked the door of a small police. When the other side of the landing Lingxi Black is another boast boast, Lu Ling Xi a happy and brought out a bag of grapes go back to the other side. Small police a look at the music, mind wondering party team from here take the dog out, it is estimated to know, but also no how to refuse.

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