Ethyl Crotonate

Ling Xi Lu Yan obediently listening to more of the orders, said:. "Yan brother know, I have a big black and black, all right." Lu Ling Xi blinked, sly look, "If I carry four boxes come true, my mother lips do not say, and my heart will certainly be unhappy." "A man can do it? Do you want me to accompany you?" Tian sister a little worried.

"I……" Simply let a word once given Ling Xi Lu heart, knees he sat on the bed, holding a cell phone to face more and more messages. Until the animal world was over a long time, Lu Yan Ling Xi and the washing of the bath was coming along. Black began to press the remote control to change channels. Fengcheng local television stations are broadcasting an old film, "Legend of White Snake." Black press to the table, the right to play in the white snake molt. Black eyes lit up, the tip of its tail happily patted Black, reminding it not to change the channel. Yan say more and he grew up with, has always been talk about anything, even outsiders will feel thoroughly discredited home * are not hidden from him. Only in Lu Ling Xi Yan who refused to say anything more, and even too cheap to even the names are not willing to disclose. Or give him a call a few days ago Sulang mentioned accidentally seen the Yen once, he immediately instructed to ask a Vietnam Yen position. "Grandfather." Off the Luguang Jing, the principal did not hold back in front of a curious old man asked, Who is this Miss Ling Xi that? Grandfather a description, the age on the previous experiences in school here also on, but needless to say the same name, the principal face immediately white. Shortly before noon, the micro-gardening temporarily no customers, Lu Yan Ling Xi was thinking of pulling the pair reconciled, he received Wang Shuxiu phone. He mentioned small stones, the Yen shook his head, "This is really a small stone too timid." Zhanglao eyes light up, catch landing Ling Xi wanted to go see. "Let's go look at Chunlan."

Yan the corner of my eye noticed a large black Kenwan chicken also put out his tongue licking boy's finger, his face slightly distorted, is really a stupid dog. In both cases, human rights are a less easy task. Xue Tong seen in many circles such a thing, with a wry smile and Yan Yue said:. "Line, we earned about it, and the rest of the market is to consolidate Fengcheng line retailers who is not a fool, who house plants are a good heart is very clear, as long as the retail channel in the hand we like, which is a steady thing. "Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng, but also a little worried and asked: "? This secret is only temporary, it would not have been Man Xiaqu" Ye Kang also said landing family gossip, "Laris Ann his mother you know, Li's daughter, said she also intends to have another child, in order to land the only safe, but the message is lujia denied, I heard Laris Ann his father does not agree."

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