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Yan is the mind think, heard Lu Ling Xi stood up leaning on the cub, he said:. "Help me and peak Kota hello" "Hey, Du sister they have gone?" Lu Ling Xi holding big black come to see the color more leaning on the door waiting for him, Zhang and Du Lin are not. Yen Vietnam nodded and said:. "Father if natural hiding at Headquarters Yin ya go, you can now foreign father is probably beyond the reach of"

"Well, Xiaoya it?" "I am back." These days he was forced Peak brother dun powerful, all day hiding. Wang Shuxiu mind vicious woman, not a penny is not only cruel, but also everywhere clamoring to divorce him. Land and a water followed since childhood grew up with his mother, his father never even seen what. And so his mother died, his close relatives also left the Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu two people. In addition to their mother, he is really no other place to give change. Lu thought of water, Wang Shuxiu not rely on the land Lingxi little bastard son he can always rely on it. All this results a few days, Lu Ling Xi is not exactly like his father, like this. A land and water do not go, only to find Lu Ling Xi adventure. He would not finish, the lead man grunted interrupted: "What they did not see did not see the hurry to take what you do not forget the Six, Five has been planted, it is estimated that for the life insurance?. not to say all is said. here we have worked hard for many years now this foundation, and now other lines are not safe, so we only have a drug trafficking line ...... just in case, even if that kid did not see is their bad luck. " Lu Ling Xi thought Nazhu Chunlan, plan tomorrow to continue a trip to the flower market. . "Easy route" Dulin hesitate to look to the land Ling Xi, he hesitated and said: "Lu Ling Xi?" "What?" Wang Shuxiu outset not hear what Ling Xi Lu said she could react immediately beat a chopsticks, "the little bastard What did you say?" Chinese state-owned ornamental plant sources of long history, has always been a focus on "View of its leaves, reward its shape." The carefully selected QiuJun and his father for a long time, elected by a large green radish leaves and Pachira, and both are green color, beautiful plant type. Differentiable gardening potted a move out, QiuJun know they lost. If on the color of the leaves, the two are almost all glistening green, slightly shiny gardening but few. These are not generally knowledgeable people see it, it focuses on two of the above plant type. Lu Ling Xi at the moment, back to God. About these seeds he has long wanted a good excuse to say that these seeds he helped growers are busy at the hospital, gave him a flower. He felt fun, try to think of one kind of species.

Lu Ling Xi nodded, holding a large black ran back. He was just casually talk about the results of a turn on the lights to find a note stuck on the living room table, Wang Shuxiu left a dinner in the refrigerator. Lu Ling Xi serious look at the side, extra baggage of the old man noticed his gaze, turned kindly at him and laughed. "What young man looking at?" He's hard to describe the feeling of Wang Shuxiu, the other mother and performance is completely different, without his mother the impression that some dignified and elegant, however, he subconsciously wanted to befriend her. Yan all the way along the front of a small Gold Cup, when walking past a restaurant car deliberately stopped, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "what to eat?" Lu Ling Xi do not know what happened, a surgery done, he is no longer the young Sun Luling Lu Jia Jing West, but somehow appeared in Fengcheng, became two days have seen the woman's son Lu Ling Xi. "I find, Du sister like me to the next shop, but I have no money." Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker. They make jokes Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh, he curved his eyes did not speak. High Yongliang expect more Yen asked one, "Yan the back?" Sulang silence for a few seconds, slowly and loudly: "He had a surgery a few days ago, the results of rupture bleeding during surgery no rescue came." "Dog King?" Fang Lei curious said.

Lu Ling Xi Zheng new look along the river looked breeze, Manshan greet green eyes. Imagine that after a few months there will be a rolling sea of ​​bamboo Tao, evergreen all year round color, Lu Ling Xi think hard before have vanished.

Security | acts of a few characters greet the eyes, the Mei Feng Yan micro pick, calmly looked away, but the eyes of the smile is getting deep. "Shaw one million." Yan more robust, More laughter.Retinoic acid Tretinoin This is Uncle Lee doubts about the place, he shook his head, "has not seen Ah Wong, could not find a small stone from the beginning have not seen Ah Wong." Then he realized Dongzhi shop and others, it came yesterday sent a large black man, seems to be called the Yen.

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