The blue cyanine B

Ling Xi Lu laughed, "Yan brother you think Rubescens this good?" Yan Yue hot eyes and focus, looking like this land have Lingxi just think of the heart. He looked down with Lu Ling Xi offset forehead, said:. "I find you at night." Tends Well rubescens, the Yen Ling Xi Lu filed with Tian Qiu gardening arrangements. The Qiu Tian gardening thing, and he did not hide the Yen Ling Xi Lu, just skip the part he feels does not need to know the details of the juvenile. With Qiu Tian gardening flower garden, and Xue Yan in Vietnam through collaboration has a new plan.

He said in all seriousness, two fly holding his stomach laughing death, ridicule: "gained you know the word ah?" "Yan brother ......" Lu Yan Ling Xi buried his face in the shoulder muffled cry. "It will afford good!" Cheng brother happily toward the road behind him:. "Old Han hurry" "Good noisy!" Lu Ling Xi tried to speak, but his voice seems to be what Duzhe speechless. "That is, how a man can not play, you are the end of it, you let their mother how to live?" Ranging Kang Ye ask, Yan hung up the phone, then the land and water of a name and address have made in the past. I believe in the strength of San leaf, tonight will be able to see the results. Land and water as a gambler this color more see more, lost dog eat dog out what it can do. And they continue to indulge results and both are bankrupt, ruin and death. The more thought Yan Ling Xi Lu, juvenile innocent and soft-hearted, he should not have a father. "Stew meat a little light, plus some salt." "Thank you, Mom!" Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, turned with a big black swiftly ran out. He and the only mining surplus in Ann who spent so much of the mind, in the end they became the only selfishly forced Ann alive, they sorry for him. Luguang Jing really do not know in the end what went wrong? Why would become the only safe now? He remembered how a child is the only safe and well-behaved, with the mining surplus feeling how good, can not remember the blink of an eye everything looks like a.

The old man spoke a finger than a words. "Little Miss, where are you going?" Questioning Tian sister, nineteen patients Brother Lee's wife. Ling Xi Lu received a phone call the color a bit surprised, but more still happy. Regardless Wang Shuxiu idea for what to call him for dinner this case, to some extent can be considered one of his identity. He quickly packed things off micro-gardening, with large black back area, but the unexpected discovery opened the door to him who is Xiao Feng. "Ah." Lu Ling Xi nodded, watching the big black eye in showing the crushing smile. It is very popular to the pet clothes, Lu Ling Xi had also wanted to buy a big black, but do not like the big black, Ling Xi Lu also made with it. He did not know what kind of clothes to wear big black yet.

"I……" "King of flowers I warn you not to make trouble, ah, peak Brother is not good to discuss the people."The blue cyanine B Su Wei Ling Xi looked at the positive pull landing enthusiastic, occasionally also a few reviews. This raised a good flower, the bloom of the house is not busy. Lu Ling Xi just read a flower field guide, all the way down to the spirit of the scan, floral illustrations met on at least one half. Yan slightly more hook the hook mouth, "I heard I saying we should expel Yan Hai Yen, a bit embarrassed he comes back to his father moved out of the account."

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