Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi does not know these small stones thought, if I know, and certainly too severely beat him up ass. He and all the way along the Black Fang Lei to find a small stone, is now near the songjiazhuang. Black here smell the smell of small stones left, muffled punch landing Ling Xi cried. Fengcheng is located in mainland fault seismic zone, from time to time about the earthquake. The locals are used to it, no one seriously. Lu Ling Xi had a dream, although most of the content woke up after not remember, but he seems to be seeing more of in a dream Yen.

Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu years younger than the age only, no problem, older people will be hurt. "You little bastard who dare to appear here!" "Sis what are you doing!" Tian sister held her hand to prevent discharge. "I know, my grandfather." The more polite Yan Road. He said so, Yin Yongde will say anything bad. Yanyue Min Rui aware Lu Ling Xi seems a bad mood, "how tired?" Yan Ling Xi Lu did not know the fear, then said:. "If there is a plant can be used instead of steel or other energy like this will not affect the economy, but also to protect the environment, do not need to worry about any pollution." He said seriously, there is a Yanyue Si and white panel, Lu Ling Xi, raising his hand and rubbed his hair, softly:. "we can find similar effort might really occurring plant" "Shaw one million." Xiao Hong cry, do not let it shout. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Pots dry soil will soon be wet water, the plant needs on the panel behind the word "water" into a "no." He was amazed at the changes in the panel, long end of the bottom panel flashed a green light, his words appear at the top of the strip.

"Xiaoya how is your sister, how can you be so indifferent to her? I did not even see the housekeeper said you are willing to see her, you know Xiaoya how sad?" After graduating from the Yen has been a stay abroad, he is also the focus of the development of the country. Compared to these so-called family domestic mess, Yan prefer a more family members are not foreign. Yen Vietnam's plan, Yanshi Hui at least ten years will not empower him, this time he will fully develop overseas business, be prepared for the future. Yan Yue life is like a train targeted destination where several stations which would stop half-way, he has a prior careful planning. The only exception is Lu Ling Xi.Crotonic Acid Ye Kang some do not believe, he thought of a split between the more juvenile Yan mentioned last time, hesitation: "A more you are not ......" His insomnia whole thing Yen only housekeeper know. Butler started to worry about him afraid of the dark, a night put Yen all can open all the lights turn on, to know him later housekeeper insomnia, a dark to wait for them all to be able to turn off all the lights off. A few years later, the Yen family servants are accustomed to sleep after dark. Even his stay abroad these years, Yan mansion this habit has not changed.

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