Disperse Dyestuff

Cub sitting Xiao Feng ends up, pretend to holding a book talking about vegetable cultivation, pointing: "We have to grow some cabbage, beans, garlic sprouts ...... right there in order to maintain these crops melon flavor. it is best not to fight pesticide, but also try not to use some fertilizer ripening. " Lu Ling Xi went to the closed cage in front of a large black, big black clearly not suited to such a small space, tempered growl, from time to time with the other uninjured paw to dial only took iron bars of the cage. Lu Ling Xi feel close, big black Growl stopped, squinted to Lu Ling Xi. Ate two bowls, Lu Ling Xi stopped down. Wang Shuxiu also continue to rely on his flesh, and told him, "eat." Seeing landing Lingxi eat almost, Tian Wang Shuxiu filed before things she said Tuesday. "Mom left you some money, you first afternoon sleep. Woke up to find easy route and let him take you out around there a bookstore, then buy a few high school book, we reported a few days classes , the former Bubu, not when the school do not understand anything. "Wang Shuxiu final word, apparently already decided the matter.

Black obedient to go along with Fang Lei, Lu Ling Xi Yan hurried to wash their hands more, gained brought the grapes showed him eat. Yen more surprised to see the grapes, long really is fast. This store will be nobody, nothing too busy Lu Ling Xi, simply accompany Yan more talking. Yan more smiled, "okay." "Mom, Peak brother." Lu Ling Xi some hesitation shouted. Come late interest threw a landmine 八月桂花香 threw a ground Lei Wen threw a landmine Wang Shuxiu call him to dinner, Lu Ling Xi has all packed. Refreshing cool the whole house, the extra things he packed piled in a corner. Mother and two very simple lunch, Wang Shuxiu a fried pork with garlic sprouts, fried eggs, tomatoes, mix with steamed rice Ruannuo, although the look is not rich, but attracted Lu Ling Xi appetite. Xue Tong turn the idea of ​​a more conscious guessed Yan had come, the moment readily said:. "No problem, what we two relations, it should help each other." Lu Ling Xi did not wait to say the second sentence, the more eyes micro Shen Yan, the body has reacted honestly. He looked as if covered with mist landing Lingxi eyes involuntarily by the past, tenderly kissed Lu Ling Xi. Second juvenile very clever, immediately corrected himself, "Sister we were wrong." Ling Xi Lu Yen saw more at the door, somewhat reassured to continue back to the kitchen to help. Living room and sometimes the rest of the Yan and Xiao Feng two people, as well as the corner of the big black.

"How about a raise? Live it?" "Well, Xiaoya it?" From the day of birth, Lu Ling Xi Lu Wei brother is to live safe. He is a shadow of his brother, his brother needed medical treatment "Drug Repository", umbilical cord blood, stem cells, bone marrow ...... as long as my brother needs, he will quietly lying on the operating table. Until this time ......

This data allows Lu Ling Xi mind a move, he had just poured a water spider plants to get a 1:00 heart of plants, that if he gave a hundred times pouring water spider plants would not be able to get 100 points Heart plants. Lu Ling Xi separated by a road also often hear the roar of the big black, naturally know Dongzhi large black helpless. Strange to say, is an ordinary large black dog, size is not great, due to the long life of wandering is emaciated, the momentum can be chosen very foot. Pet shop yesterday came a St. Bernard dog, perhaps feeling by the Black provocation, confront them with the big black. Dongzhi come forward quickly stopped, afraid of the big black could not carry a disadvantage. He did not wait for the results of how the big black hunched shouted a voice, St. Bernard dog turned and ran away. Ling Xi Lu Dongzhi and speaking time, and a little weird.Disperse Dyestuff Yan the corner of my eye noticed a large black Kenwan chicken also put out his tongue licking boy's finger, his face slightly distorted, is really a stupid dog. Yinhen woman at the little stone, but take a small stone can not help it. If not let small stones off pee, he began shouting in the car. In order not to wake the baby's arms, tricycle had to stop again. Black face man standing behind a small stone, just wait for them to quickly put this whelp resold.

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