Solvent Dyestuff

"Oh Yo Hey, speaking before Ling Xi Lu to look like? I do not remember exactly how." Black Ci slip his feet, crouched in front of Lu Ling Xi muffled cry. "This time you return home, Xiaoya happy to see you, the result?"

He was one speaks Wang Shuxiu interrupted, "Little West you go to? I know, and now have something to be'll call you." Black obedient to go along with Fang Lei, Lu Ling Xi Yan hurried to wash their hands more, gained brought the grapes showed him eat. Yen more surprised to see the grapes, long really is fast. This store will be nobody, nothing too busy Lu Ling Xi, simply accompany Yan more talking. Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over. Is known as a serious money old man looked, shook his head, "do not see, unlike a hybrid, more like mutation. Wing - you also get these, hybridization can there be so easy." The next morning, Lu Ling Xi woke up more than five points. His side one has happened, big black immediately opened his eyes, shook the hair getting in the way. Lu Ling Xi smiled and rubbed a hand over a large black, up softly to pack up. Big black behind the Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi which ones it go also, do not call out quietly cry. Yinyong De life on such a daughter, take her is not do nothing. She was so much noise much, only sullen and said:. "I have more about the Arab dinner at noon, specifically how to deal with it depends on the idea of ​​the Arab" The more color a deep breath, opened the door of the car. Lu Ling Xi behaved stood in front of him, the more color circle juvenile impulse to hold back in his arms, rubbed his hand forced his hair, trying to stay on top of Dong Qi breath all erased. Li Weisheng thought it was the two happened to meet together, but it was not, QiuJun is deliberately waited landing Lingxi it. Lu Ling Xi saw them driving a little break over the Gold Cup, QiuJun moment to laugh loudly, act recklessly. "Konishi."

Lu Ling Xi awkward nod, Wang Shuxiu and told a few, seeing running late for work, only stepping on high-heeled shoes in a hurry to leave the hospital. Eating a meal soon to nine at night, Wang Shuxiu early return to the room to rest. Lu Ling Xi pretended nothing had happened went back to the room, but it has been sitting in the doorway listening to outside of the movement. Black quietly lying on the side of Lu Ling Xi, tall ears pricked up. The thing ...... Yinyong De shook his head, Xiaoya also grown up, not that timid child took his brother's sleeve and asked why the girl did not like her, and began to have their own thinking about this. Uncle Lee was surprised to saw a large black one, a young man he also had a dog, the dogs in the class know clearly, whether it is to eat or otherwise, are the first dogs. He knew Black was raised Konishi this Wazi good Youguangshuihua, but I did not see a big black so powerful. Old dog mean that he heard clearly, clearly there are large black reveals a respectful unspeakable fear. Seven coming when Lu Ling Xi was rubbing his eyes and sat up. See he was ready to get up, the more color came over and kissed him, and said softly: "?. How much sleep a what to eat in the morning, I do."

Lu Ling Xi just washed players, Duanle Yi Xiao Man on kitchen pots chicken out and placed in the center of the table. One will be the effort, she and Wang Shuxiu almost put the dish on. Two sisters-in dinner preparation is very rich. Wang Shuxiu craft would have been pretty good, but with all the ingredients Xiao Feng vegetable greenhouses offer, made out of rice is taste delicious, bite memorable. Tuoliaokuzi small stones coming along, facing the side of the tree in urine up. Urine After that, he began to slowly wear pants. Before he could put on, the man behind impatiently directly lifted him into the car. Taking advantage of the moment to close the small stone looked outward, A yellow figure in the street flashed. A yellow know has been followed, small stones obediently sat back on the seat.Solvent Dyestuff Qiu Tian gas to death, his business adventures for many years, a return to God thinks guessed how it was. What kind of leadership do not like to give him Zhibuding Which competitors behind the mischief. Such a thought he would find that people find out in the end is how, finally asking him out, may result is contrary to his expectations. Really really someone robbed him of his business, but the other was not that he wanted a few competitors, but only a few acres of a small flower garden gardening shop. Yan came back the whole Yen only sporadic flashing lights, most Zhaizi are shrouded in deep darkness. Compare Yen family leaves home not far from the brightly lit, full of sentiment, Yen looks like a ghost house.

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