High-wash Dyestuff

Zheng New River some hesitation, he would have been worried about the effects of drought Fengcheng bamboo propagation, but according to his way of seeing the situation does seem to say the same as Lu Ling Xi completely dry, so there is no need to re-up to the mountains. Yan said that the more time quietly watching a teenager, he did not say these days like a voyeur as wandering around young. He was concerned about the teenager's every move every day, watching the juvenile intentions of taking care of plants and flowers, carefully watching the juvenile reception every customer, no one looked at the teenager in time to store clean up the house, watching the teenager stupid dog against dog laughing very happy. He desperately wants to suppress the urge to appear in juvenile side, taking advantage of the only teenager to feed a large dark, filled only occasional appearance in front of the juvenile. He hurriedly left the primary school, left Beijing back in Fengcheng. He sometimes think that he is not a dream, but a mobile phone photo reminded him of real memory. Sulang for several days without contact Yan Yue, he did not know whether to ask their own questions. Until today face more calls, Sulang see the landing Lingxi smile suddenly relieved. The answer is not, as he thought of the fact does not matter, Lu Ling Xi very happy, this is enough.

"You say there Zhang is released false information, what they plan?" Hospital corridor generally do not turn off the lights at night, a bright light through a large glass door on the ward according to the room. Lu Ling Xi looked around the envy of the other three patients and their families are fast asleep, sleep the entire ward of only one person. Most of the night, Lu Ling Xi can not do anything, eyes sweeping the ward in a lap later, fell unconscious windowsill pot Chlorophytum above. Lu Ling Xi angry, funny, "big black you angry now? I apologize to you." Yan Yue mouth slightly invisible Alice Alice, nodded slightly, reported his numbers. "My name is Yan more." Three hundred thousand ...... former Miss Ling Xi for the money no idea, he does not need to spend money and no place to spend money. Rebirth over this experience, Ling Xi Lu has recognized the importance of money, three hundred thousand pairs him now absolutely huge sum of money. With this money, he can open my own gardening shop, shop during the day and evening classes to a newspaper. Wang Shuxiu can also quit her job, not so hard. Or they can sell the house and go to other cities, do not worry about a land and water after lost money keep looking up. Chukyo license plate? Yan more? He will be in Beijing Yen family man? Lu Ling Xi in the past has been to stay home, home on the land circle and completely unfamiliar. He did not know whether the Yen family home and land and from what? If anything, he still try to Yan more rare as well, he is not wanted in the past and lives longer have any intersection. "I……" As soon as he got up, big black body suddenly straightened up, growled at him whispering. Black roar brought back bad memories of the land of water, his face flashed Ju Yi, heart reluctantly sat down again. Shortly before noon that day, Fang Lei and again to the micro-gardening. But before entering the micro-gardening in his first pet shop opposite stroll around. Soon, Fang Lei on holding just finished beauty big dog came in, I can not wait to go straight to the Black away.

Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, he stared shyly at him. Yen more chuckle, eyes intently watching the landing Ling Xi, the deep layer of the eye seems to be floating in the shallow Peninsula. Juvenile simple thought, all emotion written on the face. He asked softly: "Konishi happy?" Fang Lei far Queenan urban areas do not know what he was thinking about the Yen, a series of several dozen sneeze. "It's strange, is it a small gray like me." Fang Lei to himself. On this trip he can not be with a small gray out together, or like last time the little gray entrusted to colleagues. In order to avoid small gray cat naughty uncle, he also specifically with colleagues explain, do not feed the little old gray eat cats canned food, small gray prefer to eat dried fish, and occasionally also to improve the lives of small gray.High-wash Dyestuff Fang Lei also bring people to retreat. Black shook ears, close your eyes to sleep calm.

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