"Quick, I will send flowers to the hospital, Konishi you pack up things to keep up." Xiao Feng holding Wang Shuxiu hurried toward the car running, not how, and he was already sweating sweat. Yen more noncommittal nod, eyes cast to the ground in the big black one. Big black face to cry, be and he played a greeting. Ye Yan Kang questions for more frowned, answer the question and said:. "You do not cry hungry, we went to eat it."

Xiao Feng agreed down. Xiao Feng smiled, equally polite, "Mr. Yen." "good looking." Lu Ling Xi: "......" Wait until this series of things on the right track, time is the beginning of October. Xiao Feng do not know where I heard a supply Wang Shuxiu worry about winter vegetables with a cub in a few people who have looked after the vegetable market Fengcheng, decided to Qiu Tian gardening flower garden vegetable garden, where the greenhouse used vegetables. Xiao Feng's name out there, he just started preparations for the original card room near several small restaurants immediately look over, and Xiao Feng wanted to cooperate. White said Xiao Feng also think they can cover a. All kinds of random thoughts flashed in the minds of Lu Ling Xi, he said nothing, just a person quietly in bed. Lu home in the past, he was the youngest child, and because of special circumstances, has been no playmates, long years of a person, and gradually develop a very quiet temper. Now change to a strange environment, he does not know what to say. Around the young man quickly stopping him, "Brother, why fuss with a beast." "Noyan brother you invest?" The first two are to the south. For a time after purification Ling Xi Lu also come here to read, change is not obvious how. But after a month, and now has some obvious changes. Compared to surrounding land after purification plant grows abnormal lush, wild flowers and weeds do not know huddled together, looking very vibrant. There are a few stray cats in the grass infested, a lazy physique largest tree lying, belly overturned basking in the sun. Hear people's movement, the cat's attitude cavalier glanced at them one golden pupil after seeing Lu Ling Xi instantly widened, nose and sniffed, turning a thorn slip crouched there toward the landing Lingxi affectionate meow stand up.

Black heard the cry of an old dog, majesty responded loudly, then trot squatted in front of Ling Xi Lu. It does not eat, and that a few Goucai timidly around him. Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head, looked up at the big black affectionately rub the rub his palm, whispered cried.

Yen more chuckle, "how can? Bamboo are good flexibility and toughness, density and small, several times the strength of steel ......" Dong Qi car carrying the bag of tomatoes smiling ready to go, and went away, rubbed his hair Ling Xi Lu, solemn tone seemed a little.Crotamiton Professor Susan Kang Ye mouth was his teacher at school, deep attainments in psychology. Yan for the sake of the family environment, has always been a very serious psychological problems. Yan refused to mention just the more, the more Yan's parents do not know it. Ye Kang chose psychology is affected by the impact of the Yen. He knows the very rejection Yan talk to strangers things at home, forced to return home a few years ago, I put more color entrusted to both familiar and Professor Susan. Yongchun vegetable greenhouse vegetables sold a good start, we were happy. Xiao Feng wondering put people together to eat a meal, by the way also to inform you that he and flowers together, recognize recognize Lu Ling Xi son. So he can choose the right time to know and Yan Lu Ling Xi go more for big black flower garden, and to come back tomorrow.

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