High-light Dyestuff

"Watering the flowers?" A familiar voice sounded in the background. Six one before, Lu Ling Xi Guan ready to pack up shop. Wang Shuxiu to call him to let him straight home, do not go to a small restaurant. Xiao Hong and Xiao Man coming today, Wang Shuxiu going home to cook. "What to eat?" Asked Wang Shuxiu inside the phone. Small restaurant is very rich ingredients, what to eat Wang Shuxiu ahead of time to prepare. Lu Ling Xi hesitated and said:? "Mom asks how to say now no mosquitoes."

"Flower garden inside mature plants how to deal with?" Xiao Feng Yan to see more, this is his problem. Yen more quickly guessed anything, "clinical trials have the effect?" Housekeeper wiping away sweat with a wry smile looked more color back, I say nothing of. As for the two lady's name is not correct words ring true, shaking his head housekeeper hearts, so did his wife go on, young master really done the last thing her mother and mutual affection finally gone. Because of family reasons, the color of the "mother" word does not represent the feelings of deep meaning. Lu Ling Xi later also in the understanding, from the live Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu, he slowly appreciate anything. The ...... until the color from the bag and pulls out a pamphlet, he believes Wang Shuxiu heart may not like him, not necessarily to accept him now, but she still preparing such a booklet, maybe this is ... ... mother's heart! He stared at Chunlan looked a long time, really nothing happened. No white light, any light green, Chunlan has not suddenly disappeared. He did not give up too scanned again, the panel of information about this strain Chunlan changed, Lu Ling Xi looked stunned not help. Bobbing on a big black horse running back, squatting on the ground in small increments toward the landing Lingxi wagging his tail. Two people want to say anything out loud before, but fear Wang Shuxiu curse skill, helpless recognize counseling. Wang Shuxiu turned to look, taking advantage of this neutral doctors have left, suddenly more dissatisfied up. They speak in the flicker of her, is to please the doctors will immediately open throat curse. Lu Ling Xi read each other and other fruit spread and did not leave the meaning, but turn up in the store. He stood in front of some curious Rieger begonia, hesitated: "This is a begonia it?" "A more How about you? Your thoughts?"

Lu Ling Xi flushed, buried quilt pay any attention to the Yen. Fang Lei still curious little gray in the end is how got here, but unfortunately a small gray refused to answer this question, but Fang Lei do know the outside of the bird is closing tabby gray little brother, responsible for staring at him out of whereabouts. There are several like this only brother, located in the alleyways different places. If he had not just give tabby eat dried fish too angry to make a small gray, small gray nor incite to find him afterwards. Situation quarters of the residents went out to buy food back, it comes out very sigh. Almost next door to several cells were flooded. These new cells have the old, and both the old district almost AGF cell age, but also in recent years, newly built residential elevator, but no matter how old the drainage is not good, the deepest place has been flooded to waist heard, lighter also almost to the leg, which, like most, is not seen AGF cell his ankle. Lunch time, Lu Ling Xi told the big black Dongzhi interesting to listen to, especially in the morning buns event. First, he has not finished laughing, big black around him these days really brought him a lot of joy. Lu Ling Xi saw Zhanglao liked this strain of Chunlan, but I never thought Zhanglao will want to buy. just…… Father and son thirty-two diverge before the incident, Wang Shuxiu aware, cross them a bow Xieqi the ribs, mouth slightly sprang up. Full name Qianlao money Yuanzheng, a retired vice president of the Association of Fengcheng flowers, also known gardening engineer, a plant belonging to hardcore enthusiasts, for many years has been engaged in research and the introduction of plant species cultivated landscape resources and so on. He did not say that curiosity is false, can engage in a lifetime of Qianlao flower plants, deeply understand the principle, nature magic sometimes not human can imagine. He looked at the top of this strain of Rieger begonias not the slightest trace of crossbreeding, exactly like a begonia evolution, yes, but not a mutation evolution. Lu Ling Xi nodded, smiled Sulang stood behind him, looked at the green radish pointing said:. "Irrigated soil inside almost, also need to spray the leaves point" Lu Ling Xi hesitated and said:? "Mom asks how to say now no mosquitoes." Land under a pressure face lighted up, carefully follow the car. He had never been in such a high-level car, and sometimes some timid. But then I thought he was going to be beaten to death the brother peak. Anyway, he is also a chance, if the money from the hands of suckers hug it? Hug point is the point, how the land have Lingxi in parent child debt is not only right and proper thing. Even less is lost point hug face things, a face can be worth.

Where a policeman would like to continue to ask, Fang Lei interrupted him, "true and this case has anything to do, we are here to solve the case did not come to listen to the story." But Xiaonian Qing said, and the spirit of water village conflict touches a clue, you can go to the village to see the spirit of water.

Lu Ling Xi spoonful of drinking soup, hesitated to say how he and Wang Shuxiu make a phone call. Ward door was open, and two police officers followed a tall man leaning on an old man came in, he went straight to bed direction. Ling Xi Lu Yen more positive and funny big black it, looked out the window toward heard, Xiao Feng is really coming.High-light Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi blinked, whispered: "Actually, I'm dead, do not know why he is alive I've also called Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi is not this, but another brother Lu Ling Xi Yan you believe it..?" Xiao Feng nodded, suddenly said something, "the words are not used to like before peak brother called me like."

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