Ethyl Crotonate

This is the truth Lu Ling Xi. Wang Shuxiu good for him he knew he wanted to return Wang Shuxiu. Here, Lu Ling Xi shy, slightly pointed ears red. "Mom was still young enough to have another brother." Lu Ling Xi nodded. Dulin could not believe my eyes, "So you washed her face like this." She could not help joked:. "I knew I would get married late." Juvenile ignorant expression when speaking, when it comes to dead serious look, the more color teenager watching just feel the heart seems to be what grabbed as severe pain. He refused to take someone around, Lu Ling Xi reach out to embrace in the arms, gently patting the boy on the back, whispered to cajole; "Konishi You're drunk."

"Little bastard grew up, hold up things come." Lu Ling Xi positive point is that, suddenly thought of big black. In case the panel movement is too scared big black how to do? He looked down at the big black, big black is squatting feet quietly at him. Lu Ling Xi whether to shut this issue on a large black hesitated a few seconds, squat body touched the big black head, seriously told: "obediently, hiding behind me, would be likely to be strange things happen, do not be afraid. " Two days, Li uncle to each feeding time, the old dog did not bark, but quietly squatting on the ground looking at Uncle Lee. Uncle Lee remember the last time the old dog to listen to it bad teeth, although I think the public pool, or each time unconsciously get some soft, something to eat it alone. Yesterday afternoon, Lee uncle over again to feed the dog, old dog called Huanliaoyisheng the temptation. Lee uncle heard clearly, the old dog's faint cry is asked whether he was able to understand what it means? Ye Kang thought of something, "outside air is also good, but still rare to see a blue sky." Someone next to smell the aroma, followed by the one picked, "I try." Bite, the person's expression changed. That is then two seconds later, he swallowed his mouth tomatoes, loudly: "Give me tomatoes pack a hundred pounds." Speaking on the table, tried to persuade Xiao Feng Xiao Hong's home simply to transfer out of small coal mines, later settled in Fengcheng, two brothers do it together. Xiao Feng do not think before, and now after having home feel more and more of his own close relatives so few, can live with the best. Besides Xiao Hong Lane Mine too dedicated, people need every day dealing with a lot of aspects had to RBI. Have time to worry about the safety of coal mines, whenever something out of something, it is a major event. Wang Shuxiu hear orders, Lu Ling Xi obediently promised soon. He squatted on the ground prior to the big black paws rubbed, then washed his hands before going, helped Wang Shuxiu arranged the bowl. Lu Ling Xi did not wait, go back to the ward began to pack up. He was hospitalized so many days, zero accumulated a lot of bits and pieces of things, he put away early, Wang Shuxiu come do not worry about. Lu Ling Xi enlarged position of the large willow, surprised at some of the large display to Liushu Yan roots. From the village up to the other end of the village, the entire village following all the big willow tangled roots, like countless tentacles firmly adsorbed land.

"Want what?" Yen more nodded, "There are a lot of accounting software, but also clear and easy to use, much simpler than handwriting. And no customer, the little west you can also play games to pass the time, so after the right track, but also in online open a shop. " "Divorce divorce, but ......" Lu a water squinting his eyes, "Flowers for you to sell the house I have a peak brother money, I will divorce you." Eaten a meal, the more back to 202 Yen, Wang Shuxiu washing dishes in the kitchen. Lu Yan Ling Xi endured find the idea in the backyard to change the water Wang Lian, Xiao Feng do not know when to stand beside him. Lu Ling Xi surprised, Xiao Feng is specially come to see him. "Xiao Shushu." To after work, Wang Shuxiu phone again, say or night dinner thing. Lu Ling Xi excuses refused. I heard something in the shop, Wang Shuxiu I did not say anything. Lu Ling Xi relieved to face more and more a text message, that he can go home from work tonight. In recent months, residential area inside clearly felt changes in the environment. Cell or looks like chaos and worn, but the air seemed to become different. The most obvious is the area inside the extinct birds for many years it seems addition up. Speaking privately crowd, feel that the area surrounding the landfill move causes.

Lu Ling Xi with drank soup, whispered:. "Thank you." Wang Shuxiu hear he meant do not want to eat out, the moment is not hypocritical, refreshing and said: "My craft also had to go, and if you do not mind peak brother to go home to eat."Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, he was the first time I saw such a large black fear something. They back yard was about to come in, all the way to the Black quietly suddenly exclaimed, hunched suppress the anger directed at the door growl. For this reason a family emergency caused more resonance Yan, his brow slightly furrowed, although soon stretch down, but I got to see in the eyes of Kang leaves. Why this return to the Yen, Ye Kang Yan listen to the spoken up. He is not worried about the color can not handle things well at home, but the state of their own color.

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