Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Got into the car, the more you could not help Lu Yan Ling Xi in his arms, smiling at him, looked down eagerly kiss landing Ling Xi. Sulang shook his head, these are just his speculation, Yan Huo Weiping do not know the identity, the more he is aware of Yen Hop Cape disputes. They just made progress here, there immediately close Cape also made progress, how things will be a coincidence? He always felt that the more color in there to do something, but they can not and Huo Weiping said. "Anyway Huoge you listen to me good, and there we co Poor's okay." Lu Ling Xi without delay, immediately gave Dulin make a telephone call. Dulin been waiting for news of him, to hear Miss Ling Xi took over the shop very happy and immediately going over the handover formalities.

Man Xiao Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu liked, friendly smile directed at the two, opening a voice as gentle and herself. In front of the traffic is restarted, the lips bent Yan, Lu Ling Xi saw a smiling, he stepped on the foot throttle towards the direction of home. Between a black and yellow dogs being deadlocked, a look at about five-year-old boy far from the village ran past, shouting his mouth seems big yellow dog's name. The little boy did not notice until it came near the large black, very surprised, pointing a large black cried, "big black dog." "Yan brother looked a bit cold, but the cold surface of hot, in fact, is a good man." Yan Yue SMS quickly come back, "Good." Lu Ling Xi looked shocked spider on the screen, then turned and looked spider plants on the windowsill, the two are completely different, and even low-quality plastic flower pots Chlorophytum following colors are exactly the same. He suspected that he is not dreaming, hand on his arm twisted one. pain! I feel very clear, it should not be dreaming. Since it is not a dream, it means that all eyes are true. His eyes on the plant needs words hit a turn, he hesitated for a few seconds to pick up just unscrew the mineral water poured in a pot on the windowsill. Xiao Feng these remarks prepared for a long time. Although Lu Ling Xi looked cute and naive, for him and Wang Shuxiu things did not object, but Xiao Feng think these words should still say to listen to Miss Ling Xi. He and Wang Shuxiu together, and not just the two of them do, but Lu Ling Xi count three things. Ling Xi Lu is not a child, he is willing to Lu Ling Xi treat as equal adults, Lu Ling Xi given due respect and freedom of choice. Having Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not wait for anything, said Ling Xi Lu hand patted the shoulder, and turned leisurely back to the house. Tian sister lips say, but my heart I could not help but envy Wang Shuxiu. Lu Ling Xi child really sensible, just sensible people feel bad. Do not worry about Lu Ling Xi before amnesia how, she felt from amnesia after watching Lu Ling Xi manifested nature, before memory loss is definitely not a bad kid. "Konishi ......"

Lu Ling Xi nodded, seen through the panel, Chunlan newborn roots despite its small size, it has been long out. He did not mean to listen to the Yen talking on the phone, but they sat hard not to hear. Before he has not asked Yan Yue identity, because of the big reasons he has found black pigment more good in my heart, as the identity of the background color in his eyes is not something important. Live by this time, he thought he saw Yan is more like this. This call can let him realize that he saw the gentle heart like small animals love plants and flowers is just one side of the face, he did not see many other aspects. "Konishi come." Wang Shuxiu fried dish asked one. Lu Ling Xi blinked, dazed, he did not want to hear more of the Yan Wang Shuxiu know he was here, though he did not understand why, but nodded. However, he was a bit embarrassed openings, "I now have to go back, or my mother to worry about." Dulin coming soon, Zhang also came with her. I drove back home, to think to be able to do something today gave a run. In addition to the transfer of micro-gardening side, there is a small suburb Miss Ling Xi go to a flower garden needs. Zhayi see Yan Yue, both froze for a moment, listening to Lu Yan Ling Xi called him brother, Du Lin Yan some confuse the identity. Her phone listening to Lu Ling Xi said cooperation with others, in fact, a little worried about being cheated Lu Ling Xi, but looked at the color of the car parked in front, Dulin down the heart. The entire micro-gardening spend much money to buy it, even one-tenth of the car door is not enough, the more it is not necessary calculations Yan Lu Ling Xi. Chinese state-owned ornamental plant sources of long history, has always been a focus on "View of its leaves, reward its shape." The carefully selected QiuJun and his father for a long time, elected by a large green radish leaves and Pachira, and both are green color, beautiful plant type. Differentiable gardening potted a move out, QiuJun know they lost. If on the color of the leaves, the two are almost all glistening green, slightly shiny gardening but few. These are not generally knowledgeable people see it, it focuses on two of the above plant type. Yin Yan Seiran hear more bad face some psychological problems, more I feel wronged. "Those are not all psychological problems of mental illness do? Ah how to have more psychological problems? I Yanshi Hui was some negligence him, nor deprivation sorry for him, he is now said to have psychological problems, accusing us do parents do not you? " Lu Ling Xi look that more spent, dazed, "three." Lu Ling Xi afraid to turn around, casually nodded toward the window. He say, Wang Shuxiu immediately agreed down. But Wang Shuxiu not have time to collect food, Lu Ling Xi thought the easy route. Anyway, easy route to recover also recover, usually in addition to the flower garden to have nothing to do. Zheng Wei sigh and white discharge before he was sent away at home, a repair to learn, to learn a cook, and the rest of his busy day flower garden things, it is easy to Hang a person doing nothing.

Yen more dark dark eyes, interrupted statements are men, Chen Sheng said:. "Today, this first, what do you continue tomorrow."

Lu Ling Xi nodded shyly, strictly speaking, he has not graduated from primary school. Small black snake suddenly froze motionless.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Yekang Song tone, but also with the mood to joke, "I am not a cropper like. By the way, how well you sleep recently?" Wang Shuxiu strange facial expressions together, so a dog, there are people rushing to raise? Now even the little bastard is really not lie cheat. Her heart did not mind, his face took out random said: ".. Trekking, what can you say what was it called, oh, yes, he is a good big black dog"

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