The blue cyanine B

He'd like to see how good can this micro-gardening cultivated plants, Brother Lee value of their last pot sent all the pull back. Su Wei Ling Xi Lu being quickly noticed the line of sight, laughing, "how? Little Miss want to try it?" Some people come in the door, all the attention in the land Ling Xi's body, not even a trace of excess eyes are not scattered to other places. Ye Kang mouth pumping pumping, for the first time found himself so no sense of place. Unlike some of the more immediate Yen his memory, off the usual shirts trousers, shorts and t-shirt simple and refreshing, full of fresh looking angry. But he remembers the color in a foreign country, a high temperature of thirty degrees still starched shirts, buttons to fasten to a top, the more rarely seen wearing a T-shirt color look.

Soon the effort, a few people watching the garden, but also with Du Lin Ling Xi Lu went to Uncle Lee. Lee uncle named Li far more than this year, just sixty, the body is very tough. Uncle Lee's children are in the field, usually on Uncle Lee also considered filial piety at home is not really short of money. Father just got settled in rural areas have no other activities, just get Dulin played a garden, flower garden and light live province, but also to pass the time, Lee uncle to take down. Xue Ling Xi gaze smooth landing, immediately rock peony arms placed on the cash register. Ye Kang laughed together, after the laugh Stern said: "? Have you ever feel that you now have some of the popular" He say, Wang Shuxiu immediately agreed down. But Wang Shuxiu not have time to collect food, Lu Ling Xi thought the easy route. Anyway, easy route to recover also recover, usually in addition to the flower garden to have nothing to do. Zheng Wei sigh and white discharge before he was sent away at home, a repair to learn, to learn a cook, and the rest of his busy day flower garden things, it is easy to Hang a person doing nothing. It soon out of town, the driver is also estimated less encountered such outsiders Zheng New River, excitedly told him all the way. Approaching the spirit of water village, the driver schematically Zheng New River toward the front, "See, the big willow tree is the spirit of water village, next to the house there is a large willow garden, which raised flowers are notoriously good." The next morning, Lu Ling Xi was awakened by the sound of birds outside. This time with a cell inside weeds soaring, more and more birds near convergence over. It means that there have grass bugs, insects means that there have food. Ling Xi Lu is just the beginning seen sparrow species slowly more and more outside birds, magpies and swallows began. "......" Ye Kang grimacing to turn too far, which is why he refused to go home dodging sake. Father caught thinking all the time he went blind, he once opposed, do not know where Father would think.

Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu wedding set at the end of December. They have discussed it, to Shihai live here in the district. Xiao Feng, although they have a house, but not a good residential environment here, two Wang Shuxiu reluctant Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng would not agree that the Yen Lu Ling Xi follow them move together, altogether he had come to live. He himself magnanimous, but also do not care to say he lived a woman's house, anyway, he and Wang Shuxiu ever trying to be difficult. Small gray angrily waving claws, bluntly toward the direction of scratching Fang Lei mouth meow cried.The blue cyanine B Along the way, Wang Chaoliang happily to Yan and Lu Ling Xi introduces the scenery along the way, where he spent a few months, this road ran numerous times on every passing places are familiar. Lu Ling Xi a laugh. My heart but do not care. Really he was not afraid of competition, begonia is evolved, I do not see what's to come. Him this confident expression fall color of the eyes, itching of the face hand touched his face, "so confident, not afraid?"

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