Crotonic Acid

New things always easy to arouse people's interest, Lu Ling Xi front panel study for a long time. Fortunately, the easy route because of boredom left at noon, and now he is the only one shop, he does not worry about being found their behavior strange. Unfortunately, no matter how he point panel above or without any prompt. His knowledge of the force of nature or limited to the words. Well, Lu Ling Xi bachelor's thinking anyway prompted when the panel will naturally prompt, even if he now Xiangponaodai he could not think. After figured out, Lu Ling Xi no longer entangled force of nature, a man sitting on a wicker chair holding yesterday to buy the book and began to read seriously. Korea is known as the old man is very complex, immediately hold Clivia arms to the front of Ling Xi Lu. Yan more smiled and rubbed his hair, has no comment on this matter.

Xiao Feng laughed, "Konishi like to eat, then we continue to do tomorrow." Passing large willow, Lu Ling Xi paused. He points to open the white panel, a large willow root system has been extended towards the four weeks. He went in the direction of the root system has been extended through the bottom of the Spirit River, across the river to continue to stretch toward the past. Across the river is the scope of the spirit of water village, but no one lived, basically some of the abandoned land. Beyond that there is a small hill, hills opposite what Lu Ling Xi do not know. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, he does not know how it was. Fortunately, since the Yen over, I do not call out the big black, but still wary of squatting on the ground, looking back direction. "This is a wild rubescens, I saw that it was not and is not the same general Rubescens?" Sulang next to explain the sentence. There are other people to follow quipped, Wang Shuxiu more happy. Ling Xi Lu laughed, "Yan brother you think Rubescens this good?" Xiao Feng looked at her and laughed, speak for Lu Ling Xi, "What the boys keep the snake is not." Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt."

"All right, you wait for me pick a few tomatoes." Yanshi Hui and felt a surge of good feeling "towards dig around to try."Crotonic Acid Yanhai Fei nodded quickly, immediately to explain it, "Previously Mined Underground is a matter now who care about this. I heard Fengcheng humans and animals can live a long time evolution, are now rushing to buy a house it Fengcheng. What mattered had plenty of mining, multi-point cushion at the cement foundations of the line, the cost will certainly be back. " It is a rich source of several people to the hottest afternoon three, Dulin umbrella led by two into the side of the road a small farm house. This is the place to rent Dulin, flower garden in the back yard, alone separated out.

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