Methyl Crotonate

Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi poked biting his black sleeves, black slowly tied to the wrist Lu Ling Xi, affectionately rub the rub. Yan Ling Xi Lu looked more apologetic look, "Sorry, that was my wrong, I will not delay you home?" Easy route fuss from the balcony ran in, he's wearing today is very simple accident, his face clean, as is the same as a regular student.

Straight black squatted calm Lu Ling Xi's feet after his opening white panel, sharp eyes to look across the street direction, a cry of warning. Doing mask looked Wang Shuxiu pick up the phone, remember Lu Ling Xiti off across the micro-gardening is a pet shop. In the eyes of Wang Shuxiu, pet shops are Pekingese dog, Teddy, this small pet pug dog, keep a home is not accounted for what, a moment back altogether. "Do you like to like." "Other gardening stores?" Meditated high Yongliang, "their large scale? Yes mass production it? Floral stable?" "You are very good here." Bearer is watching a middle-aged man forties, entered the store on the eyes flash of surprise, then smiled landing Ling Xi, generous praise Road. Yan Yongde look bad, he scolded: "Ah now think the more you do go as early as the son of the Arab much more pressure to temporarily take a break Yan Hao alone a sea wants to pry the Arab position also??. not enough." "It was just to facilitate the road against here." Dulin walked she explained. Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong smile and say hello to play, only to find the store there is another person. Lu Ling Xi and looking to make people feel comfortable different, more out of a sense of the presence of this person is too strong. Neither looked like the micro-micro-gardening who does not like gardening store people, Xue through some guessing each other's identity. "How do you go again? Does not mean that the old man was not playing my son? My son have killed myself, you got a few What do you mean? The police will be able to bully people? Bully us around no man widows and orphans is not it?" Yen more face showing a hint of a smile, motioning Andrzej car. "I'll send you back to the hotel to rest."

"What?" Wang Shuxiu outset not hear what Ling Xi Lu said she could react immediately beat a chopsticks, "the little bastard What did you say?" He mentioned small stones, the Yen shook his head, "This is really a small stone too timid." Black met eyes narrowed, quiet squatted land Lingxi feet. A yellow apparently saw them, suddenly stopped, turned and ran toward the West Village. "Konishi to let unloading it." Ye Kang nodded solemnly. "Before you blankly or is, or is not even laugh mouth of the arc are like good advance actuarial also why I do not hold anything against you, you go to the students inquire inquire circles, who say you do not live like a machine. " Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up.

"Who are you? Father and mother?" Fang Lei said it is well-intentioned. Before he heard A large black and yellow are stray dogs, I found myself wondering if stray dogs easier to communicate with people? After last encounter the dogs had found that a few stray dogs really clever, can not speak and communicate with people, with large black command execution special place. His mind a move, after finishing the case, the way dogs are put back to the police force. Keep a few days of good eating and drinking, and everything to his satisfaction, just do not listen to him. Fang Lei No way, had the idea of ​​playing in the big black head, make big gang of training them.Methyl Crotonate Xiao Feng smiled helplessly, and her brother's family raised the Tibetan mastiff pedigree is very good, unruly temper, it encountered wolves rushed to a dare, is to be played a million names Xiao brother, gave the momentum did not call . People have a laugh, Wang Shuxiu listening laughed.

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