Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi, gazed at it for a long time, and snapping the fingers counted Yan, seriously said:. "II" Lu Ling Xi said they were guilty, I turned accidentally hit the color of the line of sight. Founder looked at his gray eyes fully understand his surging emotions. Xiao Hong and Xiao Feng move those things in the yard, he said a few words to take away one million Shaw. Xiao Feng came into the room, Wang Shuxiu looked over, "Brother it, not here in the evening for dinner?"

Lu Ling Xi patience: "The fingers eggplant not grow as high as possible, but preferably limited to about 60 cm do not want to topping, pick the best two or three times to make dwarf plants to more than one of your fruiting peel color. a little bit is not very good, to see the lack of light, multi-colored sun to look good, bright color and luster. " "It is going to rain." "All right, wait for you to come back around, I guess I could stay for some time." Lu Ling Xi nothing of these ideas, make a decision like the color anyway. His interest is not here, preferring to stay in the flower garden to take care of plants. Cub want good, Yongchun wholesale vegetable shop, although the first day of business, but sent in the past two dishes pendulum fly out outside on the tube full to the wholesale vegetable. His family's dishes really conspicuous, head big and juicy, looking pretty good. Black immediately called out to remind their existence. Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound, Renzhao Xiao promised down. After getting Ling Xi Lu, want to see the spirit of the river water grass bitter evolutionary situation. Yan has more messages to return, Lu Ling Xi no bother him that he took out a large black door. Now less than seven, the sky darkens. Most of the villagers in the village are also just got up. Loud, barking dogs, crowing sound, the whole village seemed to break out from the night of quiet, a little bit of come alive, with vigor and hope. Juvenile while stroking black dog, while softly repeated: "Never mind, hurt, sleep just fine."

So the more the other face will say anything bad. But the rest of the time he and Lu Ling Xi are very conscious of the scope of activities within a few hundred meters of the control in the vicinity of the station, did not dare to be too far away. After a simple wash, Lu Ling Xi dressed all the way down the stairs. And now, as of July, small garden planted pansies opened brightly. Colored flowers contests, against the orange sunrise swaying slightly, strong colors people's mood suddenly brightened. Yan looked at the message, eyes soft, "Good night." Yen more indifferent smile, did not speak. Compared to my grandfather's promise, he believed himself. Black woo muffled cry. "Is that these altogether." Du Lin Ling Xi Lu pointed out to look. At this point the two men sitting in the kitchen corner pick vegetables, Wang Shuxiu immediately blunt white beauty of a forest. Lin Mei a person of the powerful music, shook Wang Shuxiu, "Oh, really, is not that high Yongliang really interesting to you, right?"

Land and water a go, Yan Ye gave the Kang made a phone call. Su Wei Ling Xi positive smiling to see the landing, "Come on, just across the river, we will to a stroll."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff AGF residential construction early, then there is also part of the urban fringe, to solve the garbage problem in the city center, in a stroke of the pen mayor in this neighborhood to build a garbage dump. At that time people did not understand environmental protection, but also have to think from the garbage dump near the trash convenience. With the development of the times, the constant expansion of the city, is already part of AGF district close to the center of the place, and people have gradually been environmentally conscious, began to resist the periphery of the landfill. Ya Yin grabbing mesh bow made a docile appearance, Yin Seiran look in the eyes of some for her grievances, to appease the Ya Yin patted hand, dissatisfaction: "A more, you do not see here in Ajaccio ?"

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