Solvent Dyestuff

"There are means to check passengers with no dangerous goods." Yen Vietnam took his hand and explained, finished softly: "? Konishi If you like it, then we can travel out once every six months, how" Xiao Feng silent black tail grabbing it from the inside pulled out the cake, black wore a cream struggling with. Lu Ling Xi nodded, "I can do it."

Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu received a phone and hurried back to see is a land of water hung a wounded leg, sitting in the living whoops whoops of cried, a large black dog squatted while eyeing staring at him. "it is good." This is the first time Hong Xiao take the eye, he looked with interest the Black whispered snapped a Tibetan mastiff, "Shaw one million Stop." Yan Yue SMS quickly came back with a laughing face. Leading man in several prestige among the highest, so he said, there will be no objection to other people. Where that were high and strong man along the direction they face with the past, the few remaining people back to the depths of the rainforest again. Go before leading man looked daggers at the little tree, a monkey, little monkey creak cried, clutching the hands of a man's head toward the fruit to drop. She put sufficient momentum, Lu Ling Xi is still unwilling to let go, "I do not want to go to school, I want to work." Lu Ling Xi some soft-hearted, "or bring it back together well." Growing tomatoes is successful, reward the heart of plants +50 Qiu Tian then wanted to go to the trouble that home gardening shop, to be his son QiuJun stopped. Although small-scale micro-gardening, in case the other side to catch Li Weisheng behind what is backing big trouble on the bad. This time they're looking up Weisheng, where they re-booked in a group can be considered to cover your face Qiu Tian gardening. Conversation between the two sides, Li Weisheng more than a micro-gardening maintenance, Qiu Tian pondering his words, how would like to think how Li Weisheng and micro-gardening relationship. Although Li Weisheng nothing, but he engaged in logistics Jiabu Zhu perennial run out, know people, wide faces of the people, Li Weisheng Qiu Tian also had to face.

Micro-gardening in general nine door, Lu Ling Xi came early today, it will open for business early. Ten minutes later, they arrived at the field station Botanical Garden. He said that the station is in fact the central clearing jungle built three simple houses, around the room, some of Ling Xi Lu did not know the instrument placed on the ground, and stationed two workstations are the same age as Wang Chaoliang staff. Since he could not put juveniles locked up, I could do nothing but think of ways to become a unique heart juvenile man. Yan stopped in front of the Lu Ling Xi and gently pushed open the door. The light, a finger thickness little black snake kept creeping toward the house operation stare at them. Xu was scared to give their movement a small black snake thin tip of the tail to the ground shook, Lu Ling Xi do not know how to think like a big black tails wagging. Wang Chaoliang face grew mad as a hatter, he always felt this small black snake seemed to be spoiled, just like in the hands of Yan had been wronged, the same complain to find Lu Ling Xi. He shook his head and flashed the idea, I feel really confused. After the Yen gone, Dongzhi Yen against the traffic flow of saliva for a long time. He Yan Yue impression is quite good, do not look at the color looked a bit cold attitude, can look at the color of the Black misses able to see his good-natured, the difficulty is a good man. He finished almost saw Lu Ling Xi eyes brightened, nodded hard. Ling Xi Lu Yen more help but rubbed his hair, young eyes were clear and bright, like a night sky twinkling stars, so full of expectations, but also full of trust at him, speechless joy to his heart . "Go!" Xiao Feng is clearly a good mood, which they jokingly just scoff sentence.

The spirit of water village, the Yen has been waiting there. Zheng New River out of the car a bit shift is not open eyes. Before he came was in early March, it will be the spirit of water village green are everywhere though, than the surrounding environment fresh gray chug a lot, after all, can be a little dull, but now different. Many Zheng New River utter the name of a village full of flowers, colored flowers flourish like a small flowers. Hear the health care leaves, color tone more brisk, "recently I slept very good."Solvent Dyestuff "......" In this regard, the presence of staff do not know. But according to their understanding of the little monkey, it is definitely in front of it safely. Either people are either large dangerous animals. One staff member is human tendency. This is because the rainforest and other bordering countries, there are a lot of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking outlaw adventure haunt. Fortunately, the rain forest to a too dangerous, and secondly, strict border armed police card, this also has not had any thing. But here some time ago Kunlun anti-narcotics police destroyed a large alien smuggling drug cartels, which ran several key leaders, for fear that they fled to this one piece.

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