High-wash Dyestuff

Easy navigation: "......" Yan smiled and hung up the phone, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "We go first." Lu Ling Xi looked positive Dunzaiqiangjiao finishing ceramic pots Yan Yue, obediently he said: "Well, I have no time to ask Yan brother?"

One would have thought Lu Ling Xi go out, hesitantly: "Mom, you first wash it." Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, unknowingly have six. Xiao Feng is not these days, every day he come back early to accompany Wang Shuxiu. "When I tidy up soon enough." He said as he stood in the doorway a few potted moved back to the store, the more color sleeves rolled up with him to pack up. Bidding will begin soon. "How?" Yanyue Li engraved back to God, walked past. Xu is steaming, Lu Ling Xi white skin glowing under the lights slightly pink, black eyes are like being washed off Usually clear moist. He put some shyly tugging at the door, looking at the color, a small channel:. "Help me win pajamas" Wang Shuxiu put down the heart, "Yan and the more your partner is the man, right?" Fengcheng is located in mainland fault seismic zone, from time to time about the earthquake. The locals are used to it, no one seriously. Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong though brothers, and they did look completely different. Xiao Feng body lean and strong, but it is a big burly Xiao Hong, looking very sturdy. Especially Xiao Hong Xiao Feng higher than most of the head, a full 1.9 meters tall, and wearing a fur coat, a station the entire door toward the door are blocked, is quite a "man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open "the momentum. He spoke his voice big man with a peculiar northwest generous way to see Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu to laugh, "It's siblings and Konishi it, after we are a people, do not mention it." Sulang shook his head, these are just his speculation, Yan Huo Weiping do not know the identity, the more he is aware of Yen Hop Cape disputes. They just made progress here, there immediately close Cape also made progress, how things will be a coincidence? He always felt that the more color in there to do something, but they can not and Huo Weiping said. "Anyway Huoge you listen to me good, and there we co Poor's okay."

With a variety of magical Fengcheng spread, and there set off tourism boom with investment boom. In various investments, real estate is clearly the most profitable one. Chukyo Many companies have a plan to get to the Fengcheng, co-P is no exception. Yanshi Hui is very much valued, which as a stand up battle. Lost its largest shareholder, he wants to firmly secured the position of chairman of the board, shareholders must take to make money, in order to get support. Lu Ling Xi dumbfounding, only obediently Enliaoyisheng. Wang Shuxiu satisfied, comfortable feeling hung up the phone.High-wash Dyestuff "What look?" Yan Sulang more away, came over to ask one. "I will let you steal money, steal my son's life-saving money. Money? Where did you hide the money?"

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