Lu Ling Xi angry, funny, "big black you angry now? I apologize to you." Yinhen woman at the little stone, but take a small stone can not help it. If not let small stones off pee, he began shouting in the car. In order not to wake the baby's arms, tricycle had to stop again. Black face man standing behind a small stone, just wait for them to quickly put this whelp resold. Dongzhi looked embarrassed to send dog over man. Tall men, at least there is more than one meter eighty, stocky, handsome, a black suit looking at is not cheap. Maybe hold off the dog's sake, dip hem dress of a man a lot of muddy water, but he seems do not care, she has been firmly fixed on the operating table black dog.

Come to think of seems to get down to business, the arms holding the pot of fruit vine was placed in front of Ling Xi Lu. "Little Boss trouble to look, this basin fruit vine spadix seem quite right." Sulang in a telephone laughed, brisk tone, "Yan total to cast so much money, not the effect I am sorry to find you, right?" "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road. One person, one dog fun, color far more standing across the street, did not come in immediately, but looked at them through the glass a slight laugh. Negative emotions after leaving Yinjialin too, I do not want to face more like this in front of Ling Xi Lu. He hoped that the teenager could have been like this laugh naive, it is best never to know the other side of the world ugly. He watched two fly Samsam smile, "she cried quite a sore throat, eat a Run throat." Wang Shuxiu Qiao blushed, Liu Mei stood glared at him, Chen Dao: "Where's your son." Lee uncle was subconsciously he paused, picked up a few small bones with flesh eating good old dog placed in front of a dog bowl. Old dog seemed to realize what Uncle Lee squinted one eye, you do not call out the. "Do not look, or else do not go home to eat chicken." "it is good."

See Lu Ling Xi over Baozi Pu boss, chubby Tian Jun smiled at him, "yo, the small West today so early ah."

"A more?" "A more, you still mad at her mother's gas? Do you still would not forgive mother?"Ciclopirox Fang Lei vaguely shown on the phone to give a chance to small stones, do not beat too ruthless. He knew at Xiaojuan is a land Lingxi staff, Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan before that can certainly put on words. Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, could not help laughing. "Do not worry, little stones all right." Black looked at him quiet, muffled cry.

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