He say, Wang Shuxiu immediately agreed down. But Wang Shuxiu not have time to collect food, Lu Ling Xi thought the easy route. Anyway, easy route to recover also recover, usually in addition to the flower garden to have nothing to do. Zheng Wei sigh and white discharge before he was sent away at home, a repair to learn, to learn a cook, and the rest of his busy day flower garden things, it is easy to Hang a person doing nothing. "There are so happy?" He looked puzzled looked easy route. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, Yan directed at the more exposed a smile.

Wang Shuxiu wanted to do not understand, how the land have Lingxi amnesia can not remember what the school still so exclusive. Sent Lu Ling Xi go take a nap, Wang Shuxiu put away the dishes, a sitting room, counting her savings. Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu a famous battle. The whole hospital heard about the inpatient department on the third floor is home to such a mother and son. Even the doctor rounds, could not help staring at the Wang Shuxiu ten centimeters high heels looked and looked, imagine being so tapered heel hit the more sore eyes. Ling Xi Lu did not deny that he be the default argument. "Come on." He did not say more, call the Yen Ling Xi Lu and followed him into the rainforest. Yan Enliaoyisheng more, almost like being bewitched went around the land of Ling Xi. A hint of mist around with him, like water immersion of the body, he just felt a moment ears and eyes bright, covered not say comfortable. Andrzej busy schedule got off the plane, his face reveals a hint of weariness. Any who take a night aircraft could not carry, not to mention he had to jet lag. Picking up the luggage out the door, Andrzej one saw his face to pick more. "Bang." What's to hit from a distance, it fell to the feet of Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi smiled, scanning shed spirit fixed on the cat crouching willow tree. This tree is in front of the center of the soil purification, flourish, the afternoon sun hit the trees, as if Fei color circulation on the leaves. Unconsciously, this strain of willow has evolved to meet the requirements. Li Weisheng leave here, QiuJun heart has black face gas ring true. Today he is holding her face to the purpose, but it finally was beaten lovemaking session instead of their own. Do not know the micro-gardening pot in the end is how to cultivate, and if he can learn the art ...... QiuJun squint squinting my heart with intention. He was contemplating, the phone suddenly rang. QiuJun frowned, picked up a look, immediately changed a face, smiled and said:. "Lvshao"

"When I go back and punish it." Yan Yue process simple and crude. Ye Kang looked like husky laugh again. Unexpected he liked only the Huskies, although obvious that the Huskies on this pair of trousers is not so obedient Lu Ling Xi described, but probably Father often said edge of the eye, he spotted at a glance only Husky. "It's name?" Ye Kang asked.Crotamiton Easy Hang Here, look up more and more guilt. Lu Ling Xi do not know what to say, easy route for him to say these stories is like another world. Assault, was caught by the police, entirely beyond his imagination. Wang Shuxiu segment from the police to appear before despite intermittent talk, Lu Ling Xi probably guessed that this body is not quiet, but really did not think the original owner of this body would be a small fry. Big black breath seemed serious thought, slowly raised his right paw on Lu Ling Xi palm.

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