High-light Dyestuff

Few people go to the best restaurant Fengcheng white courtyard, where Xiao Hong booked a private room. By White Courtyard is located in the west, too far away from some micro-gardening this street, connected to the drive over early Xiao Feng Lu Ling Xi. Out in front of Lu Ling Xi consider big black parked in Dongzhi there, Xiao Feng said no, go along with, nothing to pay attention to their own side. Besides Xiao Hong dog quite like home possessor of a Tibetan mastiff, this might also brought over. He said, hesitated Lu Ling Xi will also put big black belt in the side, there are pockets of black households black. This life is the former Miss Ling Xi dare not imagine. Health, care for his mother, a free new friends, completely dominated by his own, these are former Miss Ling Xi dream but you will never get. Sometimes reading tired, Lu Ling Xi will go to the pet shop string door. Accidents, pet shops inside the animal liked Lu Ling Xi. Every time he comes out, these animals are willing to conspire him. Occasionally there's a few cats and dogs fighting, Dongzhi uncontrollable, as long as Lu Ling Xi appears, the animals will become obedient to it. Dongzhi also joked, asked Lu Ling Xi willing to give him work. Compared gardening shop, pet store is the place to be for Lu Ling Xi.

Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu counting the time is coming home to fried dishes. At this point she just pan fried eggs, tomatoes, far away can smell a sweet aroma. This dish is Wang Shuxiu tomatoes picked from the backyard. Originally said to grow tomatoes Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi when she was only a joke, really did not expect the little bastard planted out, and taste pretty good. Only a few days of effort, Wang Shuxiu looked at it from the backyard of a thumb-sized tomatoes grow to a size of two fists, the color red and dripping, looking full of gratifying, heavy hanging on the branches. Yen more "ah" sound, no openings ask young father gone. In the face of this metamorphosis supervision, morality and intelligence cooperation and N.T very smoothly. It is not the first collaboration between the two, although since we last N.T blow their own reasons, but the two sides have established a good mutual trust. The opening of the invitation N.T Yan together rubescens investment research, N.T hit it off immediately agreed down. Two people want to say anything out loud before, but fear Wang Shuxiu curse skill, helpless recognize counseling. Wang Shuxiu turned to look, taking advantage of this neutral doctors have left, suddenly more dissatisfied up. They speak in the flicker of her, is to please the doctors will immediately open throat curse. One person, one dog Abduction a cell, it was still early, the street was empty, Ling Xi Lu also did not give a big black jacket muzzle. Black excitedly trot a few steps, landing Zhuantou Chao Ling Xi called twice. Lu Ling Xi hear the big black mean, let him run with it along. Some of his helpless watching the big black, big black ran quickly ran back to the side of Ling Xi Lu, gently biting his leg forward tow. Sure enough, Wei Lu Ling Xi hear white Qieluo Bo still a little surprised, "to cut half a carrot?" Wang Shuxiu did not mention about school, but Ling Xi Lu heart is not practical, and has been looking for a chance to talk and Wang Shuxiu. He also knows that education junior high school is a bit low, thinking about the future to save some money to go to night school to read a newspaper adult college or something, we chose the professional horticulture or agriculture, can be considered to apply their knowledge. Of course, this is what happened after. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "is just a physical examination." Ling Xi Lu but did not take the elevator to the first floor by the stairs, he felt his body recovered well, usually given the chance, I am more willing to move a bit. On the ground floor of the canteen to buy something, he was filled with curious look into the pot stand in front of the door, no one around to take advantage of the fast hand touched the green radish leaves in front of a white panel quickly appeared.

Wang Shuxiu listening just like listening to stories, picked up a broken flower sell a hundred thousand? "You put your mother try to fool me coax ah?" Men sit and watch on the pickup next to this scene, the one called out, "Well, what was left to them to leave." Yuehua Jian man looked over, glanced at the land-water one, facing Wang Shuxiu said: "Qianzhaihaiqian right and proper. I lost land and water a large sum of money, you can not blame me move things foreclosed. this can be worth something, that is a Tim head. I feel better today, the rest of the things will not move a. a water Lu owe money to give you slow for a week, you can figure. " "Come on." Yan interrupted the land of water, then got the lead.

"I'll be back soon, the big black obediently stay in the store, to be obedient." Lu Ling Xi random thought, holding a large black straight Baozi Pu cell door.High-light Dyestuff "Yes, brother Fang said the recent discovery of several cases of human and animal communication can do the above requirements for these confidentiality." No one will be the effort, Wang Shuxiu hallway sounded footsteps. Ling Xi landing due to be discharged, Wang Shuxiu deliberately in front of the hospital to buy a lot of fruit. During this time the people inside did little to ward care Lu Ling Xi, especially Tian sister, Wang Shuxiu do something mind to think.

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