Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu surprise looked reply, opened the shop across the street and ran quickly ran Dongzhi there. . "Oh," Su Wei suddenly positive, smiling, said:. "They say that you're a very powerful young man." Lu Ling Xi shook his head and did not speak ineffectively.

Last Yi Hang helped to find some simple shed in a circle around the fence block, now from the outside can not see inside the case. Lu Ling Xi quite guilty of want, but fortunately Wang Shuxiu routes are easy heart, and see the most is whispered so twelve, will not think too much. These tomatoes do not know what would grow up? Eat? President weird right? Some seeds will always reward the panel and common seed is not the same, right? Yin Ya hook the hook mouth said nothing. For more color coming back this time, Yan Yongde great expectations. He always felt more months before departure together Yan Pu is compelled by the situation, after six months of keeping a low profile small, coming back this time would not go any farther. Yan heard across Ends intends to continue "to go abroad to rest," Yu Yan Yongde puzzled and somewhat dissatisfied. Lu Ling Xi awkward nod, Wang Shuxiu and told a few, seeing running late for work, only stepping on high-heeled shoes in a hurry to leave the hospital. Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, feeling the big black no more. But speaking the Black hearing more sensitive than he, if the last time in big black mother and brother Yan will catch up with him. So for a while there has been no movement outside, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu guess should be asleep. Originally Yan Yue said to come to him, he thought, or go to Ling Xi Lu Yen more convenient. Wang Shuxiu Fortunately he was not caught, and if more is Yan Wang Shuxiu stuck in the house, then the consequences may serious. "Do you remember that big yellow dog small stones around it will not be a big yellow dog found a small stone to find lost dog king for help?" This flower Ling Xi Lu never seen before, he was almost the first time by the spirit scan. Lu Ling Xi relieved, embarrassed Yan told the more his own plans. His small channel: "This should be very rare mutation rubescens, Yan brother after you say the effect would be better evolution?" Break open the host plant evolution, net -5 force of nature. Plant developmental conditions satisfied, began to evolve.

Luckily he had just boast two Kazakhstan obedient. Dulin laughed, greeted the two men into the store on a wicker chair and sat down. "How do you come, something?" Lu Ling Xi biting pancakes, he blinked, and looked seriously looked at Wang Shuxiu said:. "I got a job, after mom you do not have so much trouble." Yan laughed more abruptly, that teenagers now face is really interesting. His laughter was interrupted by the phone ringing, Yan looked more casual, but at the top to see the caller ID when people Lianqu a smile, then took a few steps outward pick up the phone. Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, "When it comes to the end of August is not it? Now have the beginning of September, so it does not matter it has been on vacation?" "All right, wait for you to come back around, I guess I could stay for some time." Lu Ling Xi Lu at this time did not know he was a water eye. Because the front Yan took a wrong direction, and so find a corner of the intersection to go home already after half an hour. Lu Ling Xi present in the cell door to get off thinking like, the color is determined to put him to the door. With the Yen's words, not a few steps, and the province of the racket. Xiao Feng did not mind, turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, "Do you want to take a closer look?" Lu Ling Xi he should have died. He did not know the little kitten in the end how, from time to time to titillate like big black one. Speaking of this, however, Lu Ling Xi smile disappeared, a slight frown. This little kitten seems a bit too clever some, some physical health too, only two months you can jump up and down, clever powerful. Hospital small garden looked great, but the rest of the lawn was removed few flower beds. There on the lawn automatic irrigation system does not require their possession, they really need that makes only a dozen dispersed throughout the flower bed. Along with three hands, efficiency is very high. In addition to Lu Ling Xi less skilled movements, the two old man hundreds of times, looked kind of veteran. By the time a small garden in slowly increased recently, the three have finished the job.

He mentioned Yan Yue, Wang Shuxiu immediately snorted. Field workstation Lu Ling Xi words evoke a trace of sanity, he tried to sit up, rubbed his eyes drowsily said:. "I got up."

Ling Xi Lu at home at night, all the way to smell a fragrance, like tomatoes, but also like a large sauce. It shares the smell filled the corridor, not how the Ling Xi Lu, Black has been disappointing dropped saliva. Yan met once more the next day to find time to Xiao Feng. Qiu Tian two about gardening flowerbed.Ethyl Crotonate "Father Wants Yin Lu Jia marriage thing." Second floor balcony, white kitten licked his paws, facing one million Shaw proud meow twice.

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