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Yan drove the past, Lee uncle saw the hesitation of an umbrella came over. The time will come to the village only Yan and Lu Ling Xi of. Before I did not come to eat, Dong Ling Xi Lu Qi from the daily life probably be considered to understand the situation of his family. Etc. but really met, or that a woman with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu really not easy, could not help feeling. Scan spirit shed, floating in front of a white panel.

When it comes to serious things, I gained a little ambiguity. "Find a good, all nearby village, Dapeng privately made inquiries, and recruit people who are considered farming players, personalities are also honest, no trouble stubble." "King of flowers I warn you not to make trouble, ah, peak Brother is not good to discuss the people." Ye Kang Ha is that two Dongzhi girlfriend shouted to play, really did not expect was the dog's name. He felt two since a quite good Ha, turned around and asked Lu Ling Xi meaning. Lu Ling Xi from the name has always been dominated by simple, big black, black, gray little like. He stared at the Huskies looked made small silver, and two small gray leaf Kang Ha several names for selection, or else too little odd row. Yan laughed more deliberately looked around again, "that carry more than two boxes of it?" Restaurant, sitting in Yanshi Hui's first, and the Yin Yan Seiran were sitting around him. Andrzej little embarrassed to sit around Yan Yue, really can not stand the atmosphere here. No one spoke, everyone just ate in silence in front of the food, even though these foods prepared very carefully, Andrzej still can not eat a kind of feeling. He vaguely swept Yan Shihui one, in each other's face, only to see the perfunctory and alienation. Lu Ling Xi made an effort, careful hand on the white dot in the panel. Burst water, blue flash, the central black panel screen lights up, a pot of slightly withered spider plant appeared in the screen above. Chlorophytum is next to the small print three lines: "You got the wrong guy." Xiao Feng laughed, and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu drove back. Along the way, Lu Ling Xi kept secretly looked forward to Wang Shuxiu expression. Wang Shuxiu pout wanted to ignore him, can not help but look a little soft-hearted bastard, scoff the sentence, "The snake is not poisonous, right?" QiuJun immediately on some urgency, such a comparison, not more Chende their home potted plants not? He attend to say anything, brother Lee hastily pulled to the side to discuss, these plants can not put pull back, they come back to a group.

"So early?" Lu Ling Xi surprised. "How can you in the hospital, Konishi was not feeling well?" Sulang saw Ling Xi Lu hands holding checklist. Uncle Lee has just finished, to see the color behind the windows open, and a large black Lu Ling Xi huddled together stuck his head, curious to see the front. "Uncle Lee." Lu Ling Xi affectionate cried, staring in front of puzzled, "how the other side?" Ye Kang almost surprised to jump, the last color he did not mention one seriously, did not think the color is actually true. Unfortunately, the more Zuijin very Yan, no matter how he asked reluctant to say another word. New River Zheng smiled, did not expect such a large micro-gardening fame. But along the way he did not see signs of drought in Fengcheng. Prior also said in the urban areas is time to water sanitation workers can go so far out of town, the road on both sides of the ground the seedlings all look good. Even with the shortage of land, which is lush weed, which can be nobody to watering, Zheng Xinhe it felt strange, "Fengcheng recently is not raining?" Eggplant fingers as ornamental fruit plants to see is its fruit. Fingers eggplant-shaped fruit is pear-shaped small gourd, gourd with projections bottom five milky head, like a finger, something like horns, modeling is very strange and lovely. Plus its color was radiant, long-term does not change color, a symbol of wealth is high, very gratifying. Eggplant fingers can present situation is somewhat bad, hanging fruit Xixishushu not say, peel coloring is not very nice. Wang Shuxiu listening heart happy, mouth also happens fooling said: "? Who certified the essentials" Ye Kang shook his head, "I heard Yan Shibo quite a headache." "Sis what are you doing!" Tian sister held her hand to prevent discharge. Lu Ling Xi ranging from opening, middle-aged man rush, explains: "? Tell your boss to see how this strain of eggplant fingers the fruit of this matter Xixishushu, it has not fruiting people really worried to death."

Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi poked biting his black sleeves, black slowly tied to the wrist Lu Ling Xi, affectionately rub the rub.

Nurse holding anesthetic over black dog looked bigger reaction. Hunched angry growl, if not mobility, the more we believe it will definitely Yan rushed in to. "That's good." Lu Ling Xi some surprises.Retinoic acid Tretinoin Xiao Hongxing caused exuberant firecrackers ignited hands, pull the landing Lingxi retreated a few meters away. He said these are bought to play Lu Ling Xi, the fact is that a person playing the whole day. Lu Ling Xi not close, it was stopped by Xiao Hong, and motioned for him to come. Lu Ling Xi altogether with a big black and one million Shaw squatted side, looked at Xiao Hong smiling lit one after another. This is comparable to the more interesting watching it on television. I do not know the reason they take the lead, inside the cell quickly one after another sound of firecrackers sounded. Do you have children around looking in the distance, a light Xiao Hong, they looked up collective exclamation. Wang Shuxiu not previously been divorced because of Lu Ling Xi, but this time Ling Xi Lu suffered a heavy injury, people are almost gone, a land or water bubbles on the surface did not reveal even a roulette, Wang Shuxiu completely lost hope. Even Lu Ling Xi later recovered memories with her naughty, she married this from settled.

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