Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Halfway car, Luguang Jing opened his eyes, said:. "Li go home now." Easy Hang puzzled: "how?" Man's voice was deep and pleasant, Lu Ling Xi squat on the ground, from his point of view man, tall man just felt incredible. He could not see the man's face, only to hear a man's voice regret, "That is a pity, I was ready to adopt it."

Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu did not think so much, what married to buy a house that is too far away to do. He felt that he and Wang Shuxiu to live with very good, and as long as his hard, micro-gardening business slowly on the right track, he is certainly not a problem to feed Wang Shuxiu. Wang Shuxiu been working hard for so many years, but also the good rest. She did not even do not understand, but subconsciously avoid this problem, you can not escape Wang Shuxiu now passed. Just think of last winter Ling Xi Lu Yan almost always with more live together, Wang Shuxiu heart can not tell what it's like. After much deliberation, Wang Shuxiu although no restrictions Lu Yan Ling Xi and more to meet the stringent requirements but Lu Ling Xi nine at night must go home. Fortunately, she observed these little bastard seems not entirely resuscitation, my heart was a little relieved. The next morning, the day overcast, stuffy powerful. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu before going to work so he took an umbrella, is afraid of rain during the day. Sure enough, the evening going to work, when suddenly it began to rain. Although Lu Ling Xi umbrella, but to see the rain, little rain and so decided to go home a little. mom…… Yen more frowned, stepped forward hauled a small black tail and threw it in the kang. Small black snake seems to be very comfortable, a little bit moved to the white picket fence, it is the intention of maybe just a few laps around happily, results going around to itself into a knot untied. Dulin flower garden a little bit far away from the downtown area was located in Fengcheng outskirts of a small village. Most of the village's young men are out of work, the whole rest of the village are the elderly and children. Old people are older can not be kind, either abandoned the family farm or on leased Dulin this point what kind of outsider fill some income. For more origins Yan, and Xue through high Yongliang it is confusedly. Listen Lu Ling Xi vague represented by side, neither of them fine to ask. If the Yen to say already said, did not say that estimate is not convenient to say. Black heard the cry of an old dog, majesty responded loudly, then trot squatted in front of Ling Xi Lu. It does not eat, and that a few Goucai timidly around him. Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head, looked up at the big black affectionately rub the rub his palm, whispered cried. Xue Tong to a consumer once, holding out the door begonia is sigh. Do all kinds of pots placed at home, he picked the most expensive shop Yixing pots, old money if I know will be laughable.

Lu Ling Xi shook his head embarrassed, embarrassed to say fear of night to do spring | Renee to the Yen. Yen more guess what he meant, but looked down embarrassed juvenile look, just feel a soft-hearted into a pool of water. If he now put teenagers lie on the bus, regardless of whether he left the band. Is not he can put in juvenile detention side, since then except that he will not have anyone to touch the boy. Just imagine this scenario, the Yen now to wait for them to drag on juvenile car, his uncontrollable wanted to touch him, wanted to occupy | to have him want to juvenile genuineness of a person belongs only to him. But he can not and will not bear. What are the consequences of doing so is, Ye Kang has made it very clear. People are social animals by nature, he was forced to go against the juvenile nature, the consequences could be extremely devastating.

Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi said it put down the heart. Now many people outside, he is not good to stay easy route, he said a few words hastily looked at easy route hurriedly ran down. They speak of the effort, the Yen has been greeted Ye Kang sat down, pulled poured him a cup of tea. Xiao Feng listening Shenran, sometimes do not know how to answer this question, a long while before saying:. "Konishi has been big, some things when the mother, do not worry about"Methyl 3-aminocrotonate Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang nodded with a smile, to see Fang Lei is to give meaning to send New Year's Konishi, simply agile he chose to leave. His counterpart was not impressed Lei, Fang Lei Wang Chaoliang can remember. Wang Chaoliang left, Fang Lei conspire Lu Ling Xi before. "This is the family of the victim of a car accident last QiuJun, right?" Southern Blight is one of the common diseases of large flowers Clivia, Clivia half against big flower and leaf bases at the underground fleshy stem. Early Disease relatively good deal, but once in the late Clivia it will threaten the survival of severe wilting plants or dead. Lu Ling Xi closed the hands of information, carefully follow the book says remove disease section. With white panel auxiliary, he was easily able to see the roots rot where lie, do not need to tentatively find. After removal of the disease portion, he will base the rest of disinfection, sterile cuttings in the wet sand, waiting for re-rooting. The process is simple to say, but in fact the operation is extremely complicated, people need to concentrate carefully.

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