The blue cyanine B

Nine months of pregnancy, Wang Shuxiu belly of the child is finally born. "All right, wait for you to come back around, I guess I could stay for some time." Xiao Feng did not mind, turned around to see Wang Shuxiu, "Do you want to take a closer look?"

Kang Ha and two leaves look fun, and Ling Xi Lu Yan will return to the more micro-gardening. One afternoon in the past, before the rush at 6:00, Kang leaves a person strolled across the road back into his shop. Doctors frustration: "The patient is now commonly known as the problem of amnesia, if you want the patient to think of it as soon as possible, preferably more, and he said he was familiar with some of the things that help to help patients recover memories." Yan laughed more abruptly, that teenagers now face is really interesting. His laughter was interrupted by the phone ringing, Yan looked more casual, but at the top to see the caller ID when people Lianqu a smile, then took a few steps outward pick up the phone. Qiu Tian scale gardening and flower garden gardening green Xuan almost see a continuous margin. Xiao Feng early step, relying on a green pickup truck while waiting for the Yen, while the habitual place of a cigarette. Qiu Tian on the name, Xiao Feng've never heard less. Fengcheng gardening the first person on the list is one of the best Fengcheng rich people, the results turned upside down overnight, and finally not hospice. He died, parents sad. Lu Ling Xi think this is enough. His surgery failed, the brother of transplant surgery was successful. He spends his life for a brother of one, it can be considered to repay the kindness of their parents. As long as my brother's body better, and before long, the parents will gradually forgotten his existence. Days later, he and his family make a clean break in Beijing Lu also no longer a connection. Yan said the more so, Ling Xi Lu also did not want to understand that after this thing on the mind. Black muffled cry and ran and ran into the small rooms Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi just sat, half stood a large black body two front paws resting on the bed, eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi good sleep, good mood touched the big black head, casually: "? And dad went out." Yan Fang Lei have not seen in Vietnam, and he found Konishi is what I do for you? Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes and laughed, and waved toward the little monkey.

Andrzej from faint to see what color the look, although surface expression unchanged, the mind is gossip fire burning. Boss this time a bad mood Is lovesick? This conclusion is quite scary, Andrzej immediately two heart Oh, impossible. "How so fast? No more Wanji Tian in Beijing?" Wang Shuxiu bit surprised. "Drunk." The more color to his sparkling eyes, subconsciously laughed. "what are you guys saying?" Lu Ling Xi no requirements for distances traveled, the only requirement is only able to open a little hope easy route stability. While Black is not here today, but he is about to stand Jinbei bumps. To nine micro-gardening opened the door, this strain of uprooting Chunlan has been carefully wrapped with sphagnum Ling Xi Lu, near the door into place, ensuring that it does not shine the sun, but can airy translucent. Lu Ling Xi stuck scanning spirit, with a white panel wafting frowned slightly. "That tree is going to die." Not only is the tree, two trees next to it is also dying. " So hectic day in the past, in the evening, the whole community is the sound of firecrackers. From the balcony and looked, Ambilight half the sky, fireworks shine. Lu Ling Xi looked up lying on the balcony watching, behind him, Wang Shuxiu several people are bustling to prepare the dinner. Yen more Enliaoyisheng, "Forget even, but later I remember not allowed to drink." The more invisible Yan brow slightly wrinkled, look cool watching the man on the floor, "I send you to the hospital?"

That night, Yan and Lu Ling Xi went to the flower garden. Lee uncle know early in the morning they came to settle them in the evening to eat at home, Lu Ling Xi phone did not refused, had agreed to down. This is the first he took down the big black car, the entrance to the village a large willow yellow leaves slowly stuck his black head size of a thumb. Before escaped from a northern suburb bazaars small black snake moved out a little from the leaves. Small black snake half of your body from the probe, golden eyes curiously look to the direction of the small courtyard. It is the feeling that there seems to have what attracts it, than it easy to find this tree it attract larger. So for a while, it shook its tail, ready to swim over to look at. Yongchun vegetable greenhouse vegetables sold a good start, we were happy. Xiao Feng wondering put people together to eat a meal, by the way also to inform you that he and flowers together, recognize recognize Lu Ling Xi son. So he can choose the right time to know and Yan Lu Ling Xi go more for big black flower garden, and to come back tomorrow.The blue cyanine B On the other side, Lu Ling Xi is a look of apprehension and Yan Yue said it. He was totally instinctive blurted out, even after he finished feels right, I do not know Wang Shuxiu think? "Ah. Thank you."

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