Crotonic Acid

Lu Ling Xi first two questions I do not know, but in the end he had the feeling that a question should be negative. If the panel of origin belong to this body, the heart of the long end of the plant is unlikely to be zero. If the panel can not belong to the original owner of this body, and that all of this in the end is how the same thing? He carefully recall woke up a lot of experience, mind could not help give birth to a ridiculous idea. Yan came to see is more a piece of the scene, he was a bit funny, "Konishi and big black stuff?" Chukyo license plate? Yan more? He will be in Beijing Yen family man? Lu Ling Xi in the past has been to stay home, home on the land circle and completely unfamiliar. He did not know whether the Yen family home and land and from what? If anything, he still try to Yan more rare as well, he is not wanted in the past and lives longer have any intersection.

"You pound the garlic flowers do?" Xiao Feng laughed out the door, wondering very much like to eat flowers in front of the house on the street Jiang Zhouzi, just big black has come back, would be to buy pork to eat a few nights. Konishi like rice lotus root, the color seems to be quite fond of the same store sells braised pork, also known as points together, and he walked ...... wondering what to buy, the whole family is like. Yan foot depresses the brake, a land and water unguarded, directly hit the front of the backrest. Jaguar car, the more deadpan face holding the steering wheel, slender forefinger rhythmic tapping the faint revealing a hint of patience means. Co-pilot on his side, silver cell phone lying there, the display shows the call. His most recent mood is quite good, of course, compared to his high Yongliang is happy. Time for the year, high Yongliang cosmetic preparations for many years has finally launched the market, relying on intensive advertising and strong public relations hype, high Yongliang was named "Plant family" skin care products to get a listing on a good reputation and steadily rise high sales record. Over the past few years of hard work has paid off, a high Yongliang really proud of. As high Yongliang Partner, Xue follow through naturally happy. 1/100 (0-order) He'd like to see how good can this micro-gardening cultivated plants, Brother Lee value of their last pot sent all the pull back. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi nodded.

Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt." Lu Ling Xi to see the man's appearance, surprised eyes widened, Dr. Su, how could he come here? Two small stones in front of the plane so that a small stone suddenly stared in horror. Lai four Hey smile, like as of chicken clutching his small stone thrown into the eastern side of the small room, locked the door from the outside. Hut there are three children, two men and a woman, looking older than small pebbles. Some children fear shrink in the corner, staring at the little stone. Lu Ling Xi Yihuhuhuapiao like to say Sulang repeated, the more color eyes fell on rubescens, thoughtfully, "effect so good?" Ling Xi Lu did not deny that he be the default argument. Black growled hunched down low, although because of the muzzle can not be issued with a sound much, but the back of his throat roar out more deterrent. Lu Ling Xi bemused reaction to the Black also has puzzled. Who is behind them with it? Fang Lei behind these things do not know, he drove straight to the spirit of water village head Li Dayong, asked before and songjiazhuang conflict is how the matter? Heart sigh for a long time, Dongzhi think of one thing, "Yes, today you will be able to go back to the big black belt." The district has almost 20 years of history. After decades of trials and hardships on poor maintenance together with the entire community looked very old. Some have begun to peel off the external wall, the wall is more black, covered with moss. Inside the cell, although there are flowers and grass, but the impression is very disorganized. Take two steps garbage piled everywhere, more casually residents built a small shed.

After planting bamboo, Zheng New River back to the past two days has not to be in Beijing. Before leaving he deliberately took a small piece of bamboo just finished, say there is a seminar in Beijing, he was going to just promote the promotion of bamboo. Him this desperately momentum even more color have some admiration, and privately said Zheng Lu Ling Xi New River although sometimes stubborn hate, but people are really good. With greeting Xiao Hong, a large body, like a lion, black Tibetan mastiff slowly from the inside corner of the room came over and stopped at the feet of Xiao Hong. Tibetan mastiff eyes never left the big black eyes faint with fear, threats directed at the Black called out.Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, he was the first time I saw such a large black fear something. They back yard was about to come in, all the way to the Black quietly suddenly exclaimed, hunched suppress the anger directed at the door growl. Li Weisheng nodded, "Hsiao Chiu you're here. You can get this pot intentions, and if you are not satisfied with the leadership had to go back."

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