Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Out at the rain has been intermittent, down from the afternoon to the evening. Lu Ling Xi will read the book, but also the color and through a phone call, pick up the ready to sleep when the rain has not stopped. He would be lying in the window watching the rain While it has been under, but because the rainfall is not the reason, residential yard and no water. The rain falls on the ground quickly penetrate into the ground, it absorbed and stored underground hibernation roots up. "Ah." Lu Ling Xi promised a cry in front of face easy route did not dare say anything, quickly hung up the phone. Yan Enliaoyisheng more, almost like being bewitched went around the land of Ling Xi. A hint of mist around with him, like water immersion of the body, he just felt a moment ears and eyes bright, covered not say comfortable.

Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised, then curved in the eye will talk Yen more rushing said:. "If it is because of money, you can pay back the money late, I do not worry this good opportunity, it is best not to miss" Lu Ling Xi: "...... ah?" Yen more natural to go along, leaving the leaves when thought Kang also got cheated. Although he would like to work with the same last night stay directly in the countryside, but the number of orders and thinking, could not bear Lu Ling Xi tired minds prevailed. Ye Kang as a strong labor, can still play a role in point. Kang Ye know not what they do, confusedly I went along flowerbeds. When he regret the time, already we are living on the outskirts of farmland, but also want to return to go back. Three plus Uncle Lee, got eleven, finally the Lee brother to pot all ready. Lu Ling Xi hear concerns Yen more thoughtfully. "Konishi did not you think so serious. Eighty per cent of Fang Lei often find a small stone speak some things to solve the case, the small stones subconscious Fang Lei characters in the story as idols growing up, there will be boys in this stage, hero worship and longing, waiting for him on the big points and then sensible. " "You do not want to Qiu Tian gardening is done, my dad's the last time you sell those trees planted down only a few days TMD dead. Check the top soon, but this year the focus of the project, the new mayor staring at it, how do you say it? " These days he was forced Peak brother dun powerful, all day hiding. Wang Shuxiu mind vicious woman, not a penny is not only cruel, but also everywhere clamoring to divorce him. Land and a water followed since childhood grew up with his mother, his father never even seen what. And so his mother died, his close relatives also left the Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu two people. In addition to their mother, he is really no other place to give change. Lu thought of water, Wang Shuxiu not rely on the land Lingxi little bastard son he can always rely on it. All this results a few days, Lu Ling Xi is not exactly like his father, like this. A land and water do not go, only to find Lu Ling Xi adventure. Su Wei positive shook his head, "brats resigned now joined a volunteer organization what leukemia, ran vain outside the home every day." Although the tone seems to be complaining, but in fact positive Su Wei was pretty happy. Previous Sulang In Beijing, both grandparents and grandchildren will not see a few times a year. Now Sulang stay in Fengcheng, although outside to run every day, how late can be no accident the night to go home, almost every day, see both grandparents and grandchildren do not know better than ever how much. Dongzhi sighed and explained: "The stray dogs are like this would be very sensible wink Man afraid to eat it more Memories, usually like to eat half full.." This is the land before it is fed Lingxi eat in the morning he wanted something to eat to feed the black, black looked at him to turn his head later, there is a clear alert eyes. Wrapped | cotton pro | after kissed, holding the Yen Ling Xi Lu sitting on the couch. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uncomfortable a change of position, relying Yanyue Ping slow breath. Yan holding his more satisfied, one hand gently touched Ling Xi Lu's face, whispered: "? Just think what in the yard."

Euphemistically the situation they encounter with Lu Ling Xi spoke again, more I thought Yan Lu Ling Xi heard these angry, who knows teenagers listened in turn comforted him. "Did not you say Big Brother Yan environmental value of these Chlorophytum than economic value? Evolution of plants have never been to make money, but to improve the environment. As long as customers buy Chlorophytum evolution after it, is not from our hand where to buy really does not matter. As for those with ordinary Chlorophytum deceive customers horticulture business, the customer is not stupid, certainly taken after discovery will not buy. do bad reputation, then, or ultimately to bear the consequences of their own, we do not required angry. " Lu a water joyful heart, this man really understanding Lu Ling Xi. He seemed surprised to see more color, "Do you know my son, he ......" "How do you go again? Does not mean that the old man was not playing my son? My son have killed myself, you got a few What do you mean? The police will be able to bully people? Bully us around no man widows and orphans is not it?" Dongzhi look in the eyes, I just feel very seriously cute Lu Ling Xi, and his floating word, the child is really listening in the heart. Looking back, he quickly than the big round Ling Xi Lu, right on Ling Xi Lu not always conscious of the need to take care of each other as a junior. I really do not know what kind of families to educate children to be so obedient. Dongzhi heard Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu mentioned several times, then suddenly to never met Wang Shuxiu awe. A woman hold up a home, Lu Ling Xi also education so well, presumably Wang Shuxiu it must be dignified and generous, reasonable, very good. They Yuehua Jian, anesthetic failure woke up big black Lu Ling Xi heard muffled voices have cried. In the roadside a small house, four men are get together to play cards. Creaking wooden bed, lying in disorder four large bags. Several men play ecstatic, no one attention from one of the bags inside the open bite, the length of a finger thickness chopsticks small black snake crawled out from the inside, and gently close the door of the corner toward the direction of efforts climb. Seeing Lu Ling Xi walked away, shaking his head sigh Tian brother, the king of flowers be rain comes. Is a cell, someone we all know what a situation. Wang flowers temper strong, a woman propped up a home, but why not help land a water mud on the wall. Even if there is a son, what can foreland Ling Xi, simply means not on. Who wants to go on Lu Ling Xi gate of hell in a circle, reborn just like it is for a person. Now speaking, everyone says Lu Ling Xi amnesia good, do not think of things in the past to. There are a few jokes, someday own a little bastard can go amnesia.

Wedding wedding was very, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu solemnly put into the hands of Xiao Feng. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng patted on the shoulder, the eyes are faint smile. Look out Xiao Feng is really happy, he took the table one by one King Wang Shuxiu wine again, and stopped for Wang Shuxiu all the wine. Ling Xi Lu laughed, "he also bought the last begonias."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Too excited last night, causing him to fall asleep almost two o'clock in the morning unknowingly sleep for a while. Just opened his eyes, Lu Ling Xi to smell the aroma of the food. He rubbed his eyes dressed, opened the door to see Wang Shuxiu is busy in the kitchen. Lin Mei soon know. Taking advantage of the store the next day nobody took the jokes Wang Shuxiu. "Come on, come on and let me see your bracelets. Xiao Feng also true in that he is not afraid of your hand sink fast enough."

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