High-wash Dyestuff

Zhanglao looked around for a long time made up his mind, Stern, Lu Ling Xi said: "? Konishi, this strain of Chunlan you you serve." "? Lujia" Yan more pointedly: "The mother did not mean Laris Ann Yin Ya together?" Xue Tong is not satisfied, "Do not QianLao your curiosity?"

The crowd dispersed after another, Wang Shuxiu sorting clothes went to the bathroom. Today she came out in a hurry, just random sets of a shirt and skirt. Just some water and a land tussle shirt long horrendous mess. Lu Ling Xi nodded, totally did not expect the Yen would cheat him. The more he looked at Yan went terrace and closed the door, which does not complain. Yan said that the more time quietly watching a teenager, he did not say these days like a voyeur as wandering around young. He was concerned about the teenager's every move every day, watching the juvenile intentions of taking care of plants and flowers, carefully watching the juvenile reception every customer, no one looked at the teenager in time to store clean up the house, watching the teenager stupid dog against dog laughing very happy. He desperately wants to suppress the urge to appear in juvenile side, taking advantage of the only teenager to feed a large dark, filled only occasional appearance in front of the juvenile. Zhang Yan seen increasingly large head, sitting on his bike does not fit the broken car, as the Yen since Konishi's brother, that's what he did things. He smiled and nodded with more color, greeted Dulin cry, first drove to the front. One person, one dog fun, color far more standing across the street, did not come in immediately, but looked at them through the glass a slight laugh. Negative emotions after leaving Yinjialin too, I do not want to face more like this in front of Ling Xi Lu. He hoped that the teenager could have been like this laugh naive, it is best never to know the other side of the world ugly. He and Xiao Feng say so, Wang Shuxiu will put down the heart. Poor black just because the "bite" Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu penalty was not allowed to eat breakfast, can only bite the tail pointed toward the ground saucer of milk drooling. Shen Yan the face, "This is something I do not know, but know not important, there would be no marriage." His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. Cub: "......"

Lu Ling Xi did not speak, he wants to strive to control their emotions, upturned mouth but in any case not pull down. Everyone has to eat, Lu Ling Xi smile on his face did not change. Wang Shuxiu look in the eyes, sense of relief. This is Uncle Lee doubts about the place, he shook his head, "has not seen Ah Wong, could not find a small stone from the beginning have not seen Ah Wong." Fang Lei sigh of relief, "We continue to go." Yan did not how to speak more, seems to have been listening opposite he said. He quickly hung up the phone, apologetic look to Lu Ling Xi, "Konishi I have something to leave for a while, you wait for me in the store, I come home in the afternoon to pick you up."

Fang Lei touches are not afraid of the dog, but the dog look like if he dared come close to going rushed, it stopped. Lu Ling Xi Yihuhuhuapiao like to say Sulang repeated, the more color eyes fell on rubescens, thoughtfully, "effect so good?"High-wash Dyestuff Grandma Wang heard nothing, Lu Ling Xi down the heart. Black came from Wang Chaoliang has been quietly squatted beside Lu Ling Xi, the tall ears cocked, listening to a serious expression. Yen more silent, she whispered:. "I met a boy"

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