Lu Ling Xi's interest piqued, he was like a fun toy, all attention is focused on the use of groping panel above. Until shimmering sky, Ling Xi Lu did not understand the sudden appearance of the panel in the end is what, just know that by this he seems to white panels can be seen on the windowsill pots Chlorophytum needs. Once he meets the requirements Chlorophytum, as if playing a game will get a little heart plants. He looked at the following long pitiful 1/100 (0-order) showed some curious if he won the heart of the 100-point plant upgrade what will happen? Fang Lei listening to dumbfounding, to find a small plate to the inside of the dried fish pour out placed in front of a small gray, coax said: "These are the dried fish you buy, think also just outside the small gray like to eat dried fish, a little Caifen to other cats. " Lu Ling Xi Zhou Zhao face sat up the body, vague and said: "...... is my mother's." He was not embarrassed this booklet, but to give him this booklet people.

Soon the effort, a few people watching the garden, but also with Du Lin Ling Xi Lu went to Uncle Lee. Lee uncle named Li far more than this year, just sixty, the body is very tough. Uncle Lee's children are in the field, usually on Uncle Lee also considered filial piety at home is not really short of money. Father just got settled in rural areas have no other activities, just get Dulin played a garden, flower garden and light live province, but also to pass the time, Lee uncle to take down. "Hey, you also dislike some time ago not much grass on the ground, outside the birds bother you, this a few days to change the tone." "Little bastard you want earthshaking!" Wang Shuxiu a shot chopsticks, Liu Mei stood, "This thing I say." Separated by a door Lu Yan Ling Xi hear more what to say, he put the bed stuff it up and began waving the color box to find clothes. Lu Ling Xi nervous nod. In front of the traffic is restarted, the lips bent Yan, Lu Ling Xi saw a smiling, he stepped on the foot throttle towards the direction of home. Lu Ling Xi accustomed to the big black each time after his questioning would call out, this suddenly silent, he lengleleng reaction was over. Black looked serious expression, he was carrying a large black Puchi laughed. Laugh Lu Ling Xi feel that they want more, more, and he is not the same color, as well as his own work. Yan is now the only vacation time every day just to stay in the store, and so leave the Yen ending, micro gardening still left him alone. To say he had a large black accompanied, in fact, not have to face her brother to stay in the store. Lu Ling Xi froze for a moment, my mind flashed Wang Shuxiu figure, I do not know what Wang Shuxiu like? Jewelry, jewelry, or clothes? Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?"

Yan smiled and hung up the phone, looked at Ling Xi Lu, "We go first." Wang Shuxiu snappily turned a supercilious, "My son is a big hit in the head brick, leaving so much blood, almost even life is gone. If you do not believe ask the doctor ah, ah!" "How?" Yanyue Li engraved back to God, walked past. Xu is steaming, Lu Ling Xi white skin glowing under the lights slightly pink, black eyes are like being washed off Usually clear moist. He put some shyly tugging at the door, looking at the color, a small channel:. "Help me win pajamas" The idea of ​​a mess, Lu Yan Ling Xi want to help do something more, and what he did not know, could do as soon as possible so that it seems that only this strain Rubescens evolved. Why can not this strain Rubescens evolution it? Lu Ling Xi thoughts among white panel flew off, floating in front of him. They make jokes Lu Ling Xi embarrassed laugh, he curved his eyes did not speak. High Yongliang expect more Yen asked one, "Yan the back?"

Ling Xi Lu and Yu Xiaojuan find that small stones when small stones are sitting in a small three shouted: "I want to pee." "Oh." Lu Ling Xi nodded obediently.Ciclopirox Renzhao Xiao Ling Xi Lu stretched out a finger to scratch his chin small milk cat, kitten meow loudly comfortable, condescending looked big black defiantly waved his paw. Yan more simply: "We are together to promote micro-gardening in the name of science and technology companies."

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