High-light Dyestuff

Yan Zheng with the New River a few steps back to the garden, a small courtyard two ha n lively dragged out to Kang Ye Liu Wan. Two Ha strength is not small, tightly grabbed two leaf Kang Ha rope, almost two to be dragged down to the ground of Kazakhstan. Ye Kang some frustration, he accompanied the two in the morning just outside Ha lap, this rest for a few minutes, listening to the results of two Kazakhstan dogs barking outside and clamor to go out. He thought of the morning two Ha ran ahead, how could not pull pull all embarrassed, life and death do not want to go out. Lu Ling Xi Tian brother does not know these laments, he is squatting on the roadside to feed large black bun. After eating two big black twist on the beginning he refused to eat. Renzhao Xiao Ling Xi Lu stretched out a finger to scratch his chin small milk cat, kitten meow loudly comfortable, condescending looked big black defiantly waved his paw.

For the small West, the Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu angry look, "Konishi told me or let me have another. He wanted a brother or sister." Xiao Hong saw her, his face unconsciously becomes softened, even the big voice has been stifled, spontaneous automatically from rough into a delicate, softly introduces: "Xiao Man, this is our siblings this is our nephew. " Two fly Hey laughed, "Let's afraid someone to make trouble." Yen more eyebrow, homeopathic sat down beside Lu Ling Xi's hand and hugged him. "I look at." He carefully turned things over in bed, think of Fengcheng environment, laughing, "is not no water repellent ready?" "What are you looking for?" Lu Ling Xi: "......" "It will afford good!" Cheng brother happily toward the road behind him:. "Old Han hurry" "Shaw one million." Xiao Hong cry, do not let it shout.

Dongzhi simple and honest smile, whispered to Ye Kang said: ".. Although they can not speak, in fact, was what all who know it well know, is the most Gratitude" Fang Lei vaguely shown on the phone to give a chance to small stones, do not beat too ruthless. He knew at Xiaojuan is a land Lingxi staff, Ling Xi Lu Xiaojuan before that can certainly put on words. Lu Ling Xi hear what he meant, could not help laughing. "Do not worry, little stones all right."High-light Dyestuff Another vehicle, Laris Ann some keenly looked toward the outside. Yin Ya concern said: "Only Gege, how?" He is not what they do, in the land of his previous home, every New Year is the busiest land and family. He remembered very clearly, from years to years later, with their grandfather to worship, go to a few long-time friend of the New Year, to attend a banquet entertainment. Of course in addition to worship, others do not need him to come forward. He can stay in their ancestral home, to see several cousins ​​every day hurry, relaxed a little sense of the New Year are not. He thought in Beijing and Lu Yen family home almost, Yan brother estimated that ultimately these things.

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