Ethyl Crotonate

Kunlun rainforest living here a lot of monkeys, these monkeys away from human gathering, rarely appear in front of the basic humanity. Station staff also go out occasionally seen them a few times, Yan little monkey is the mouth of the most lively and there is also the most daring one. Last also with flower gestures go for bread in their hands, but also in the case where they observed a half-day to make sure no dangerous. This situation is really like Yan mentioned more rarely. Not to mention the mother then married, my grandfather gave her a 50% stake diluted. Yan more do not want to comment more mother's behavior, but denied rumors that the mother is the "pig teammates." Grandfather kindness he no thanks, but not everyone is willing to let him come back the same as my grandfather. She looked sincere, Tian sister pushed the two did not accept it turned down the fruit. Taking advantage of Lu Ling Xi go to wash room to wash the apple is not, Miss Tian Ling Xi Lu filed with Wang Shuxiu school thing.

"When I go back and punish it." Yan Yue process simple and crude. Andrzej puzzled, "the boss you're going to move out from the Yin family? If you're not ready resident here, I would recommend is to find a hotel apartment just fine. Fengcheng environment is not very good, the perennial haze, where the house is not much investment value. "his identity is more assistant Yan, immediately enter the work state, everything from the color of interest. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi nervous nod. After the departure Yanshi Hui Yan, Yan met outside the sea. He did not even bother to sweep the corner of Hai Yan a, directly to each other as the air. Hai Yen pissed, but cowards catch Yan put a few more relentless. In addition to his dare clamor behind a few outside, in front of the Yen it has always been used to quail. Twenty minutes later, the Yen Ling Xi Lu drove to the door. During this time he sooner or later pick-Ling Xi Lu, from time to time to be in front of Wang Shuxiu perimeter. Wang Shuxiu from the default start now to occasionally to say hello and the Yen, the attitude has become increasingly softened. Because the plant is too lush rainforest which rarely see the sun, initially suited the past, Lu Ling Xi soon got used to the inside environment. Reach into the head, in addition to trees and vines wound staggered towering, more of epiphytic algae, moss and a variety of ferns. These normally inconspicuous covered with plants around the trunk and branches, as if covered with a thick green carpet. In addition to colors in addition to beautiful flowers, occasionally unknown animal rustling climb, the whole rainforest exhibit a mysterious and unpredictable beauty. Lu Ling Xi good move helped Wang Shuxiu, a land of water must have been even play with a kick broke from Wang Shuxiu, the result is such a get Ling Xi Lu, back into the wind. Wang Shuxiu clutching heels heel severely hit land a few water on the forehead, and from his pocket and pulled out a stack of money, schematically Lu Ling Xi let go, pulling the arms landing Lingxi retreated to the side. "Konishi, this is not the carnation pots watering?"

Dull finished a lunch, Yin Yin Yongde ignored Seiran face, greeted Yan more with him to the study. "Yan brother you come back?" "This is too shameless." White Courtyard is an antique building, between the inside of the package is a separate separated small yard. Environment is very quiet, even with a pet, do not worry affect others. Xiao Feng Xiao Hung call the car, and so when they find the package gave between Xiao Hong has been waiting at the gate for them. "Little Doll not scared enough." Yen more nodded, Wang Chaoliang study handed pass in front of Xue. Compared layman incomprehensible, whatever the outcome is Xue Tong insiders who understand the value of reading almost Chlorophytum. This and more color variation mentioned last time, like eelgrass, environmental and social value greater economic value. Xue Tong is not short-sighted people, immediately echocardiography. Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up, and he expected the same white panel can display not only spider plants, but other plants can. In front of the basin Scindapsus apparently cared good, although not the heart of the plant, but Lu Ling Xi mood is still very good. He walked in a circle around the first floor of the hall, going to the first floor all read through all the green radish. They already know beforehand Wang Chaoliang to bring people over, to Ling Xi Lu Yan and the very warm, especially Lu Ling Xi. Before the two staff members have seen Wang Chaoliang published several reports, Lu Ling Xi know to some extent be regarded as their counterparts on the development of new varieties of plants is very set.

Yan Yongde by her voice choking a half to death, bitterly holding crutches hammer to hammer, "which of you is not to give him pressure, you are not care for him. Shihui good point, at least, remember A more co Poor's heir, but also on the snacks, How about you? you tube over the years the Arab it? " They go out, he stuck his neighbors looked at. Lu Ling Xi morning when they met, the young man who was next to Ling Xi Lu?Ethyl Crotonate After the small hospital was opened most pleased that the big black, big black range of activities previously only backyard, backyard now doubled, big black obviously very excited, often from a backyard running around. Solve the problem of funds, after returning all his energies on high Yongliang Lu Ling Xi body, almost every day to spend time in the micro-gardening. After some time, the Yen under intolerable homeopathic agreed to cooperate with him. Not through cooperation with Xue, but directly and high Yongliang cooperation, the micro-gardening and horticulture Green Hin together into a high Yongliang suppliers. Yan and more clear that cooperation, the number of Begonia "variation" after the relatively small, micro-gardening in advance can only provide the quantity of high Yongliang experimental purposes only, you want to wait until next year a large-scale production. High Yongliang know this is the truth, reluctantly agreed to down.

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